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iLAB is an employer of choice to talented individuals with software testing, quality, project and risk management expertise.

Our unique approach to attracting talent enables us to select and recruit people with the right aptitude to form part of the iLAB spirit of creativity and innovation. During the stringent selection process we look for a quality mindset and leadership indicators. Our people are expected to be thought leaders and trusted advisors to our customers.

We are committed to educating, training and developing our staff – our training and development programmes provide generous training opportunities. We encourage our people to obtain and maintain professional certification in their respective field of expertise; and we support them in becoming internationally recognised authorities in their selected fields.

We generously reward our people for exceptional service. On the lighter side we have a lively social club making sure fun is not forgotten in our quest for service excellence.

Our Resources

Responsible for the test analysis, design and execution, including defects.

Duties would include:

  • Review and analysis of project documentation
  • Identification and extraction of test requirements
  • Identification and escalation of risks and issues
  • Creating test cases
  • Definition and preparing the test data
  • Sequencing of the test cases
  • Execution test cases
  • Logging and managing defects
  • Preservation of the testware
  • Reporting of testing progress and status
  • Submitting the daily execution status reports.
Responsible for the planning, analysis, design and execution of the testing effort, including defect management.

Duties would include:

  • Technical leadership for the Test Program, including the test approach
  • Support for customer/user interface, test-tool introduction, test planning, Tester supervision and cost and progress status reporting
  • Verifying the quality of the requirements, including testability, requirement definition, test design, test-script and test-data development, test automation
  • Test-script configuration management and test execution
  • Interaction with test tool vendor to identify best ways to leverage test tool on the project
  • Staying current on latest test approaches and tools and transferring this knowledge to the test team
  • Conducting test design and test-procedure walk thorough and inspections
  • Implementing test process improvements resulting from lessons learned and benefits surveys
  • Creating or establishing the requirements trace-ability matrix (tracing the test cases to the test requirements)
  • Test process implementation
  • Ensuring that test product documentation is complete.
Responsible for the project management role of the test life cycle.

Duties would include:

  • Liaison for interdepartmental interactions
  • Representative of the Testing Team
  • Customer interaction, if applicable
  • Recruiting, staff supervision, and staff training
  • Test budgeting and scheduling, including test-effort estimations
  • Manage and report on test progress to executives
  • Test planning, including development of testing goals and strategy
  • Vendor interaction
  • Test-tool selection and introduction
  • Cohesive integration of test and development activities
  • Acquisition of hardware and software for test environment
  • Test environment and test product configuration management
  • Test-process definition, training and continual improvement
  • Use of metrics to support continual test-process improvement
  • Coordinating pre- and post- test meetings.
Responsible for the planning, analysis, development and execution of performance tests using appropriate tools.

Duties would include:

  • Document the specifications of the current system (if not done)
  • Gather or elicit performance requirements (specifications) from users and/or business analysts
  • Develop a high-level plan (or project charter), including requirements, resources, timelines and milestones
  • Develop a detailed performance test plan (including detailed scenarios and test cases, workloads, environment info, etc.)
  • Specify test data needed and charter effort
  • Develop proof-of-concept scripts for each application/component under test, using chosen test tools and strategies
  • Develop detailed performance test project plan, including all dependencies and associated timelines
  • Install and configure injectors/controller
  • Configure the test environment – identical hardware to the production platform, router configuration, quiet network, deployment of server instrumentation, database test sets developed, etc.
  • Execute performance tests
  • Analyze the results – either pass/fail, or investigation of critical path and recommendation of corrective action
  • Detail risks, assumptions and limitations of the software testing project.
Responsible for the developing and executing automated test scripts.

Duties would include:

  • Identifying the need for test automation
  • Review and analysis of the project documentation
  • Identification and extraction of the test requirements
  • Identification and escalation of risks and issues
  • Creation of the test cases and scripts
  • Definition and preparation of test data
  • Sequencing of the test cases
  • Setting up and execution of tests
  • Logging outcomes and verifying test execution
  • Logging and managing defects
  • Reporting on test outcomes and providing execution statistics
  • Preservation of the testware
  • Reporting of testing progress and status
  • Submitting the daily execution status reports.
Responsible for thought leadership and research, development and implementation of quality assurance best practices, standards and methodologies and software quality assurance consulting for iLAB’s clients.

Duties would include:

  • Provide consulting services for iLAB’s clients based on the clients’ requirements
  • As thought leaders of software quality assurance share new developments and directions with iLAB’s leaders and resources as well as with iLAB’s clients
  • Development and maintain iLAB’s test framework and methodology
  • Develop and implement consulting tools within the software quality assurance and testing domains
  • Support the sales team in the preparation of proposals and tenders for software quality assurance and testing work
  • Assess clients’ software quality assurance and testing processes, report on the outcome and:
    • Develop an implementation plan for improved software quality assurance and testing processes for the client
    • Develop and implement  or improve the  software quality assurance strategy, approach and methodology for the client
    • Develop and implement a software testing strategy, approach and methodology for the client
    • Ensure the successful strategic and operational implementation of the strategy, approach and methodology.
  • Support iLAB’s test managers during the implementation of test management and test competency implementations
  • Assess the quality of test artefacts and propose improvements
  • Assess the quality of testware and propose improvements
  • Assess the efficient and effective use of test tools
  • Assess the skill levels and competencies of iLAB’s test resources, both for new recruits as well as for iLAB’s pool of resources
  • Perform audits at iLAB’s managed service sites and develop and track an improvement plan for the site.

Current Available Positions

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