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Why Agile Development Still Needs Quality Assurance.

With all your engineers constantly rewriting iterations of code in the Agile development lifecycle, it might be easy to slip into thinking a dedicated quality assurance testing team isn’t necessary, that the agile process itself will act as barrier against code flaws. However, at its very core, dedication to quality assurance is essential for any effective Agile strategy. Because so many things can change at any moment, and features in Agile are less dependent on other features by design, software quality assurance specialists are essential to confirm all is working well, such as with regression testing, due to the lack of focus on the holistic application when making changes or additions.

Quality Assurance in an Agile Workflow

The truth is that quality assurance testing can be a part of nearly any step within the Agile software production chain, and it should be a part of every step, occurring in tandem with sprints to ensure the progress being made is sound. Though not true for all, many developers tend to follow a “happy path” mode of thinking, an imaginary scenario in which everything is ideal and has no erroneous conditions or obstacles in the way. Quality assurance professionals on the team adopt the opposite perspective, and try as hard as possible to find whatever sets of conditions will break the code that has been created. Both viewpoints are essential for a quality digital product to be created between them.

For a company to truly reap the full benefits of an Agile software development model and a continuous release cycle, quality assurance must confirm the functionality of the product in a world where environments, user requirements, and threats change quickly. There are unique challenges presented to a QA software team, such as time constraints and burnout, meaning you better ensure your QA team is at the top of its game. To be sure, contact the experts at iLAB. We have the knowledge to train your quality assurance team or even bring in some fresh faces of our own. Contact us today to learn more