Why Do All DevOps Professionals Need ISTQB Certification? | iLAB

Why Do All DevOps Professionals Need ISTQB Certification?

Sometimes it’s easy to think that years of experience are as good as or better than a certification, and in some skilled industries, they even might be. But when it comes to software quality assurance, software testers absolutely need to be certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB, or ASTQB if you’re in America.) Many other people involved in the software development lifecycle may also benefit from this training. What good is ISTQB training? Here are three business objectives that are supported by the ISTQB Foundation-level certification, which only takes three days of study with iLAB to be ready to earn and keep for a lifetime.

  1. Basic Software Testing Concepts are Relevant Every Day


The first reason IT professionals like software engineers and development managers need ISTQB certification is because understanding test techniques and approaches is also relevant to their work. If someone working on code has knowledge of quality assurance, they can do more in less time to ensure quality is achieved. They can also contribute better to development of test cases and discussion about test objectives when they understand how testing works.


  1. Reporting and Communicating Test Results is Half the Battle

Another reason most people involved in the software development lifecycle will benefit from ISTQB training is they need to understand how to interpret and talk about results of testing in an emotionless and productive fashion. When someone doesn’t know about quality assurance or how it works, they may feel intimidated by the process or even dispute if findings are valid. With more understanding, people who aren’t themselves software testers will feel less worried about the process and even be able to talk better about what was discovered and how to fix errors before they become business risks.

  1. Software Quality Assurance is a Rapidly-Evolving Science


The last reason a wide range of IT professionals can benefit from earning a basic Foundational ISTQB certification is that quality assurance is changing every single day. The approaches, strategies, and tools that have worked for the last few years are under the same pressures of acceleration and innovation as the rest of our industry. The demand for more efficiency is pushing many organizations to automate their quality assurance testing without even knowing if what they have created will be the right test a week from now. Only by staying well-versed in testing theory, new approaches, and the latest tools and test environments can a team be sure their quality assurance will actually achieve better software.

ISTQB Certification in software quality assurance gets very specific at the higher levels, but the introductory three-day course has benefits for everyone on the team, not just the test analyst or manager. As the knowledge and expertise of these individuals becomes more shared by the team as a whole, it will only get easier for everyone to communicate about how software development and quality assurance testing can happen in tandem to achieve the best outcomes for all. iLAB’s global training program is ISTBQ-certified, and may be happening soon at a location near you.