The Ideal Career for Perfectionists: Software Quality Assurance

Being a perfectionist isn’t easy. You may find yourself getting made fun of for being picky, stubborn, or caring too much about the “little” things. While you don’t need to be a perfectionist in every field of work, software quality assurance testing is one where the innate qualities of perfectionism are a true asset.  Use it to your advantage and build a career as a Software Quality Assurance Tester.

QA Turns Failure into Success

The main trait that drives a perfectionist is a fear of failure. A lot of people hate to fail at something, but perfectionists are unique in that failure doesn’t cause them to quit. This makes software quality assurance a natural career for them, because in our world, failure is actually a success. A main component of testing is the challenge of breaking the software or application. Your job is to look at every single way the software might be flawed and exploit it, so you can find the weakness. As a perfectionist you will design tests that align with user requirements and see where the current program isn’t working seamlessly, whether it’s rooting out functionality issues or a problem with error handling. Best of all, once you find those bugs, you get to help correct them.

You Aren’t Happy with Good, You Want Great QA Testing

Other essential traits of perfectionism are high standards and an emphasis on efficiency. These also indicate your personality will thrive doing software testing, as they are prerequisites imperative to this line of work. High standards are important, as sloppy testing can result in missing key errors that cost your client or going over your allotted budget to fix problems that arise down the line. In fact, software glitches and the ensuing fallout cost the economy $1.1 trillion in 2016. At ILAB our high standards drive us to push the limits of testing theory, explore cutting edge environments to do our work, and design tests that challenge software to its breaking point.

Efficiency is also key to a world-class software quality testing process. Testing at its best occurs during each phase of software development, sometimes manually, sometimes using automation.  Knowing when to apply each practice can drastically affect not only how long testing takes, but how good that test is at finding defects. We plan testing against many variables and analyze the best approach, so the process can move quickly and smoothly—just the way a perfectionist likes it.

Software Testers are Obsessed with Detail

The smallest glitch in code can cause an untold amount of errors in applications and software. It’s a QA tester’s job to find these glitches and be obsessed with correcting them to make sure the end product runs perfectly. Being able to notice small irregularities like injection flaws or where sensitive data might be exposed is key to iLAB’s open-code testing approach, where our testers commonly check the code when they find a defect to talk with the developers about how to correct it. As a perfectionist, you have a unique ability to stay sharp, determined, and focused on finding even the smallest error, where others might get distracted or glaze over after hours of working on the product.

If you are a perfectionist and want to get into a field that is constantly expanding, iLAB provides a challenging and rewarding career to talented people like you across the world. To find out how we might work well together, send your resume to