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Intuitive organization of all the messy human details

Innovative software solutions are essential for human resource departments of every size. As technology advances, more features than ever before are available to HR professionals to manage payroll and benefits calculations, handle the recruiting process, empower employee self-service, and track inventory of essential supplies.

While software advancements have worked to increase the efficiency of human resources professionals, the demand for integration across systems can leave organizations exposed to significant amounts of risk from many fronts. Security concerns exist around employees’ password strengths or ability to access such software remotely. Small calculation errors or incompatibility with connected software updates can lead to employees being paid improperly, errors in payroll tax calculations, or a lack of critical supplies.

Managing these risks by internally testing your existing software solutions can be an expensive and strenuous undertaking for any organization. That’s where iLAB can come in. Our strategic approach to quality assurance will ensure any new software solution integrates into your existing structure with as little chaos as possible.



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