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Immersive escapes and entertainment

Like retail, tourism and gaming are two industries that have changed forever thanks to mobile innovation. Tourism is about making the hotel into a destination and providing incentives to return again. Your software offers a unique opportunity to create value and remind customers of the things they value in your brand between their visits.  Do you understand which promotions and events are bringing in the most guests? Can you see which guests are taking full advantage of your amenities, and which might need some prompting? These data tools are critical for generating more value per guest, and increasing the overall number of visits to your properties.

On the gaming side of things, the digital sign and touch screen have gone from novelty to expectation. Gamers want an interactive experience that encourages them to keep playing. Failure to innovate can lead to a significant loss in market share. But launching a solution with critical flaws that jeopardizes your customer relationships can have a devastating impact on the future of your business.

Whether tourism or gaming, the ultimate concern is the happiness of the guest. If software was supposed to provide convenience or entertainment, but instead has failed, they’re definitely not going to leave a good review.



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