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International Cloud Computing Benefits

The executives at international banks, insurers, telecoms providers, and other businesses often don’t realize that simple, elegant cloud infrastructures are frequently easier to pull off the bigger they get. Instead, decision makers fear the change the cloud represents, get concerned about regulatory compliance, and therefore hesitate to open the door as opportunity is knocking. For international businesses, cloud computing represents the potential for greater efficiency and major cost savings, along with improved security and compliance.

Efficiency Grows With Flexibility And Transparency

One of the key ways cloud solutions grow efficiency is by providing more flexibility to businesses and employees, and for an international business this is especially beneficial. One centralized database can collect relevant information from different locations and keep it available in real-time around the globe. Respecting cultural differences in work methods, communication, and even timing of holidays also gets easier with the cloud. Information can be served to different groups in different ways, and mobile integration makes working from a distance, sharing calendars, and communicating on the fly easier than ever.

More Reach, Less Real Estate

Because migrating to the cloud means an increase in operating expenses, the actual cost savings achieved from switching to the cloud can sometimes get fuzzy. We see them manifest most often in two areas, real estate and talent costs. On the real estate side, not having to maintain your on-site data center of servers will mean less spend on space, HVAC, supplies, and more. On the talent side, your internal information technology team will now have a different, usually less taxing set of maintenance duties to perform around your cloud servers. Talent in other departments is likely to be happier too: 59% of companies that use the cloud see overall productivity benefits. And happy workers attract other happy workers. When international companies achieve a great cloud migration, it isn’t just their efficiency that expands, it’s also their reputation with consumers and future talent worldwide.

Real-Time Compliance And Security Assurance

Security and government compliance are often the largest concerns of international businesses considering a cloud transition. While it’s true careful planning and quality assurance processes are necessary to ensure ideal outcomes, it’s far more possible than many executives believe. Once the cloud is optimized at your organization, you’ll have real-time insight into the state of your compliance documentation and be constantly assured of network security. However, employee training will be essential to ensure this: of the organizations currently waiting to migrate to the cloud, 49% are hesitating due to a cyber security skills gap in their staff.

Don’t put your business success on hold because of a lack of resources. Consultants and industry experts like iLAB serve as planning support, educators, and quality assurance overseers during projects like cloud migrations. If you’re ready to make the shift, and want a globally-minded partner to help you pull it off, call us today.