Meaning and Millennials | iLAB

Meaning and Millennials

iLAB’s CEO Jethro Lloyd recently appeared as a guest on the podcast Gut + Science, hosted by Nikki Lewallen. The series focuses on people in the workplace and how leaders can support their employees to make the biggest impact. In the case of supporting Millennial employees to become productive and happy, Jethro’s basic advice is simple: stop treating them differently because they are younger.

“It’s unfair to continue to label them as a dirty word simply because they communicate differently and want something different from a job,” he said. “This group wants emotional fulfillment from their organization that previous generations didn’t need. They want to stand for something along with profit. They will be told what to do and follow directions, but they want to be asked their opinion about it too.”

During the podcast episode, Nikki and Jethro discuss the young generation’s desire for authentic experiences. Jethro observed this may require a CEO or other leader to step out of the typical role. “We have to humanize our communication and emphasize that positive and negative communication are both welcome from employees,” Jethro said. He even shared the story of a time he failed in that task and saw repercussions in 30% employee turnover the following year. To hear what happened, how iLAB recovered, and what you can do as a leader to engage all your employees more directly, listen to the podcast on the Gut + Science website.