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Sending iLAB an S.O.S.

The iLAB leadership team spent the weekend helping Secretaries of State from across the country figure out how to better serve their customers, i.e., the taxpayers.

At this weekend’s National Secretaries of State conference in Indianapolis, we heard about the challenges the officials face when it comes to maintaining the integrity of their voter rolls as well make their states more business friendly.

Although there’s enabling technology that allows them to do that, our job is to make sure that technology works for them because if that technology doesn’t work, it doesn’t help.
For example, one of our most talented team members was recently finishing a significant contract, but he couldn’t complete the transaction because our business entity report would expire before the signatures could be routed. He logged on to INBIZ, the state’s one-stop shop for business registration and in under 9 minutes, had filed our report, updated records, and sent a certified copy of the report to our client.

That’s what clients want. Also, constituents want transparency, and it has to be accurate. We make sure it’s accurate.
At iLAB we help elected officials like the Secretaries of State. Whether, they’re being tasked with compliance duties by the Federal government, collaborating with peers, or helping their constituents are driving them, and we’re assisting them all three fronts.

We make sure forms are accepted online when they’re submitted the first time, ensuring the process remains efficient and streamlined for in-state and out of state businesses, and making sure software is properly tested and executed.

If you want more details, check out our white paper.
When you want to make sure your software works, whether it’s the public or private sector, iLAB is the software testing company for you, so you won’t have to worry about sending out an