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Software Quality Assurance is a Great Career

By the year 2030, the world could lose up to 800 million jobs to automation. We see it today as people are being replaced by machines at grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and manufacturing plants. This change is inevitable, but there is one career that has a built-in safe guard to this shift. That’s the people who help make sure these machines can do their job, including software quality assurance engineers.

What Does a Software Quality Assurance Engineer Do?

This is a job where a person puts new software to the test. They use their puzzle solving skills to test and weed out potential bugs in software and make sure that it meets the standards of the developer and the end user. The software quality assurance engineer can, and often does, have a hand in every step of production from software design and control of source code to the release management process. The career is different than someone who tests software, who only test at different stages of development. A quality assurance engineer is involved in testing every step of the software development process.

What Employment Opportunities Are In Software Quality Assurance?

By the end of 2018 more than 50 thousand quality assurance positions will be filled with a 17% job growth through 2024 and many people speculate that the field will just keep expanding in the future as the role of the Internet of Things rapidly grows. There is great job security in the field as more and more everyday devices are being loaded up with software that needs to perform flawlessly or businesses are at big risk. The more complex the software, the more detailed the tests need to be. This also means that the job is getting less repetitive as more diverse projects are being developed, so you will see all sorts of different software in this role.

What Kind of Person Makes a Good Quality Assurance Engineer?

QA is a perfect position for those looking to utilize creative problem solving. In order to figure out how software might malfunction you have to know things like QA basic guidelines and practices but you also need the ability to think outside the box. Thinking about all the different ways a program can be misused and applying the correct test means you must think on your feet. If, for example, you are testing a banking app, you should be able to anticipate the different ways that the app might be compromised or making sure the program that helps pilot driverless cars doesn’t crash when encountering an unanticipated problem.

Training for Software Quality Assurance

You should also be able to find a software QA position near you. If you are working in the United States, there should be opportunities in most big cities across the country. While California has the most opportunities there are plenty of places to work in the Midwest and on the East coast. So, finding a convenient place to work shouldn’t be too difficult once you have the skills. If you need training, why not come learn with us at iLAB?

When trying to think of a career path that is right for you, it’s difficult to know whether or not you are making the right choice, especially as the workforce evolves due to automation. But one constant for the foreseeable future will be roles in Software Quality Assurance as the more software that is developed the more people we will need to make sure it works.