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The Risk of Not Engaging in Software Quality Assurance


Quality assurance is a constant part of life that often goes unnoticed. Planes go through an inspection to ensure that they are safe for takeoff. This happens every time, even if the aircraft just landed. Vehicles, electronics, and even sandwiches go through certain measures of quality assurance.

In the case of software testing, that “inspection” aspect of software quality assurance helps engineers detect and prevent bugs before they create issues. Neglecting to implement quality assurance for any software exposes your business to three big, easily preventable risks.

Risk of Increased Costs

If your business develops software, quality assurance procedures like user acceptance, regression, performance, and mobile testing decrease cost to both you and the user. Cost goes up when your developers have to fix basic issues once the software is already developed. Testing along the way helps catch defects early.

Even if your company doesn’t make software, quality assurance is still necessary. According to Gartner, 74% of businesses use Client Relations Management (CRM) tools for marketing processes. If your IT team makes updates or changes without regression testing, such important tools could stop working any time. Then you face an increased potential for bugs and more cost for repair.

Risk of Security Breaches or Crashes

In 2014, Yahoo faced one of the biggest software security breaches in history. The personal information of 500 million users was compromised. The sheer size of this attack made it record breaking, but users did not find out about the breach until 2016.  Yahoo’s lack of preemption was a major contributor to this breach. In the same way that smoke detectors help prevent the devastating effects of fires in the future, quality assurance helps prevent cybersecurity breaches.

A crash is a similar matter of preemption. One of the best QA procedures is called load-balancing.  Engineers test the capacity of your software to meet a huge increase in user demand. Finding out the breaking point of any software helps ensure it won’t crash. Without that test, you might leave users frustrated and your company looking foolish, potentially losing a lot of revenue.

Risk to Your Business Reputation

In 2012, Apple decided to replace Google Maps on the iPhone with a version of the app that Apple had written itself. In this famous software catastrophe, Apple utilized data from several different services like satellites, roads, and points-of-interest to create the database. When all these converged, it resulted in Apple Maps giving drivers directions to nowhere, into lakes, into fields, etc. Despite the repairs Apple made to its product, people still disparage the app to this day.

Reputation is perhaps the biggest reason that quality assurance is so crucial. Any software your company uses or creates is a liability as much as it is a tool. But QA testing is the remedy. Testing software isn’t just a one-time thing, though. The definition of QA comes down to continuity. Time “lost” doing testing won’t compare to the time and money lost due to software malfunctions. iLAB understands the value of your time and will work with you to maintain the quality of any software your company utilizes or makes. Contact us today to find out more.