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Mobile Tester
This course will give you the knowledge skills needed to test mobile applications and to understand the differences and similarities in testing mobile applications to conventional applications. Find a complete listing of class opportunities here.

Why you chose iLAB?

iLAB is a industry leader and a dynamic company with many opportunities and operates in different sectors. It’s a case of if you can dream it, iLAB will take you there.

In my I.T. journey I was always curious about the Telecommunications industry and being part of iLAB has put me at the heart of one of the best Telecom companies in the country. It was a dream come true.

What you love about iLAB?

Is it okay to say I love everything about iLAB? From the support I constantly receive to being able to have my career develop in the most amazing of ways and lastly being Awarded the prestigious “On Fire” Award. iLAB is a company that recognise and reward talent.

Why you decided on QA?

In I.T. QA is one of those careers that we don’t speak enough about but it’s the centre of I.T. QA gives you the opportunity to have a view of multiple I.T. disciples, business goals and vision, marketing and system development.

Why you love QA

With QA I can be everything at once but it’s the opportunity to display my analytical skills and have a bigger role to play in terms of system development. QA is for the brave.

Your journey so far at iLAB, your growth and development

I think that Amazing is the right word. From starting at an intern level to becoming a Senior QA analyst and getting the “ON FIRE” iLAB has made all of this possible.

Advice for new internship candidates.

I’ve had an incredible journey with iLAB but it came with a lot of commitment, hard work, sleepless night and willingness to learn. Your attitude on the first day will determine your growth and don’t put too much focus on you job title, always bring your best and everything else will fall in place.

Anything else you would like to add etc.

Nobody throw a year end party like iLAB, you definitely want to be there and hopefully also see your name on the screen.