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Mobile Tester
This course will give you the knowledge skills needed to test mobile applications and to understand the differences and similarities in testing mobile applications to conventional applications. Find a complete listing of class opportunities here.

Why I chose iLAB

iLAB has changed my life for the better. Waiting is not an easy thing, but it builds character. I remember when I was struggling to get a job as my friends started working, it was painful to sit at home sending job applications every time I saw a post and never get any sort of reply. It got to a point where, when I was sending my CV it was just applying for formality with that little bit of hope that I will get a call and iLAB changed that, it gave me hope and a future to look forward to. I am proud to say that iLAB opened doors that I thought I would never walk through. iLAB gave me a sense of pride, I was able to walk with my head held high. The moment I walked in at iLAB I felt the warmth, the friendliness and the love from everyone I met, and I said to myself I want to be part of this family.

What I love about iLAB

First of all, the brand name itself speaks a lot. It Innovates, Leads, Assures and leaves a Benchmark. I love that iLAB feels like home, being surrounded by the loved ones and supportive family members. The culture there is amazing. The love amongst the employees, it’s one big family. It’s not all about work but we also balance, and I mean we also play, have fun. But when its time to work, we work to the best of our abilities hence it’s known for its “Quality” performance. We ensure the Work-life balance policy. I love that it gives opportunities to the youth that might have lost hope in building a bright future for themselves and to those fresh from university seeking work experience to kick start their careers.

Why I decided on QA

I never thought that I would change a career path before I got to iLAB. Being a developer is all I wanted to be, but my perspective was changed when I started doing research about testing. I am inspired by the previous interns as they are doing so well for themselves and that made me believe that I made the right decision to follow this QA career path. I want to see myself as the one of the few people who inspires others to be part of iLAB, the opportunities there change lives for the better. When I started at iLAB, I was not that confident that I can do testing but as one of my favourite quotes says, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” QA is challenging and I like being challenged so I guess that is why I decided on QA. I like quality in products and sometimes if a product is lacking something I can observe and try to make it better and give it the best output.

Your journey so far at iLAB, your growth and development

When I started with the internship program at iLAB, I had no experience in testing at all and I expected it to be the toughest thing I was about to learn, master and carry with me till forever but little did I know that I am bound to enjoy it. iLAB has built a solid foundation for me to build a beautiful future like any other house that is built on top of a foundation that is stable enough to withhold the bricks that make a house. I have learned a lot about myself as person as well. I have grown mentally in terms of the work environment and how things are done in the real world. I never knew that I had it in me to make someone’s day bright with just my smile. I have also learned a lot about working in a team, the challenges that come with it and most importantly how to overcome those challenges. I have developed skills that I never acquired from varsity. I did not know that the IT industry is so broad before I came to iLAB. All I knew was that IT has to do with development and technicians but never thought about who gives the developers some tough time and headaches. I have learned a lot about testing, and I am surprised that I am enjoying it and loving it each day.

Advice for new internship candidates

iLAB is home away from home, that was what I got when I asked about joining the internship program from a previous intern. So, I would also like to carry those words with me and pass them on to others. This program is an opportunity that is greater than a skyscraper so I’d say that if you are given that opportunity take a zip line and ride to the top of that skyscraper, yes it will be tough. It’s never easy to climb the ladder to success but trust you me, it will be worth it.
“The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is Dedication” – Cecil B. DeMille