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Mobile Tester
This course will give you the knowledge skills needed to test mobile applications and to understand the differences and similarities in testing mobile applications to conventional applications. Find a complete listing of class opportunities here.

My name is Tlou and I am from Pretoria in a township called Soshanguve block nn,I Studied B-Tech in Information Technology at Vaal University of Technology

Why did I chose iLAB

I always wanted to be a QA tester. iLAB is high quality company for great work exposure as it is one of the leading company in software testing. As ILAB is known to be a company that offers training for ISTQB, I therefore became motivated and eager to learn and being ambitious ,hardworking individual the opportunity of working at this company would enhance my career as well as give me motivation to build my career.

What I love about iLAB

The working environment at this company has been favourable and offer more than constant learning and uplifting of my knowledge in this industry. Apart from training related to software which is exciting. What I love the most is the family relationship that we have as colleagues and freebies ( food).

Why did I decided on QA

The research has shown that QA is in high demand, growing fast and it is also good paying.

Why do I love QA

What I love about QA is that it keeps challenging me and improves quality. I love the fact that I learn new tools and implementing the learning in real life most of the time.

My journey so far at iLAB, growth and development

When I came to iLAB I knew nothing about QA except little theory and practical I gained from varsity. The company took me in their wing and gave me adequate knowledge about QA. It did not just offer improvement of my software skills but I had an opportunity to go through training for every testing tools that are being used in the industries. With the support I got ,passion and dedication I pushed myself to accept the new challenges I was getting at iLAB as I had to put more extra time to be the best .got exposed to work with client for the first time in my career. With iLAB you can move from zero to hero. I’m now a certified tester for (Foundation, Agile and Mobile)from ISTQB because of iLAB.

Advice for new internship candidates.

Testing is not easy, there are problems to solve. The job will likely bring something new every day. If you prefer a boring job ,where you don’t have to think too much then don’t pursue a software testing career. But if you want a job that keeps you on your toes, then you are on the right track. keep focus and accept challenge.