Meet the Trainers

As the leader in independent software quality assurance and testing for over two decades, our training has helped thousands of testers and managers launch
their careers to the next level our highly focused, interactive training will offer you an unforgettable and enjoyable learning experience. We offer a wide
variety of courses at initial, intermediate and advanced levels. Our courses range from one to five days in duration and, depending on the facilities and
number of candidates, can be arranged at your location.

Amina F. Hart
Amina ‘Fatimah’ Hart joined the iLAB family as a technical trainer in 2020. She holds a Master’s in Education with a focus of Curriculum & Instruction, including a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis of Information Technology. Amina has developed a strong sense of effective training and development throughout her years of experience working in public and private sectors. Two of her passions rest in education and technology, so being able to share her passions with iLAB will make dynamic training experiences. She is honored to be part of the alliance and foster iLAB’s vision and mission for delivering quality training.

Her favorite quote: “Remember that failure is an event, not a person” – Zig Ziglar.

Loraine du Plessis
I was born in a hospital on the East Rand of Gauteng, and ever since, I am still residing there. I matriculated in 1982 and started working at Telkom. I worked 8 of the 23 years at Telkom, in their Call Centre. I was hand chosen to be 1 of 20 who started working in the world class facility. As Call Centre’s were new in South Africa, a lot of companies visited to see how it is done. One of the passions we drove back then was customer service. This stick with me until today as my customer’s still come first. My priorities are my customer’s and at times I really need to innovate as to ensure my customers are happy. This includes the turn around time in communications.

After I left Telkom, I worked at a company Pureau who specialize in purified water. I started and headed their Call Centre and was promoted to Branch Manager of the East Rand branch (who was their biggest branch). Head office shared the office and a decision was made to restructure and manage the branch directly by Head office. Due to restructuring, I was retrenched. Although retrenched, I still did contract work for them from home for almost two years.

I was approached by Test and Data to streamline their Training department by putting processes and procedures into place. This would have been a three-month project only. This project turned into a permanent position until now. Several internal changes took place; however, this never affected the service and customer service provided to our customers.

As development of a person’s knowledge is important to me, at my age I am still studying. I am in my final year BTh (Bachelor of Theology) and should be finished early 2021. My passion is to change people’s lives and changing those who are homeless, must be one of the biggest things that drive me outside iLAB. I love seeing a person transform and grow into their full potential.

People of all levels are my passion. It feels like a personal achievement once I see the progress is someone’s career, knowing they were trained by iLAB. Their success is my success! iLAB know that their customers should in turn provide quality testing to their customers. Once a person does not develop their abilities there will be no growth. No growth is bad mentally, spiritually, and physically! iLAB is a world leader in training testers from all levels. A small South African company who grew to become visible on all continents – and still growing! That should say something about the passion of the iLAB team worldwide!

Peter Sage
I spent 18 years in the SA Navy in the telecommunications field. During my service I learned how to train people and test. After leaving the Navy in 1996, I have been in testing full time. I have tested financial, logistics, insurance, medical aid systems, using mainframes, PC’s and web architecture. I have been a tester (still am), test analyst, test lead, test manager and test director.

I have written numerous magazine articles. I have created testing courses. I was the first recipient of the SASTQB (South African Software Testing Board) Tester of the Year award. I have initiated testing user groups. I continuously strive to learn new things (especially about testing) and I believe that I need to learn from others, we all have a story to tell that could help others.

I have great fun teaching students about what I love … software testing. I am a tester and there is so much that I need to share with my students … I do tend to go on a bit.
My CEO refers to me as “Sage on the stage” or “testing godfather” … I take this a compliment. I have a passion for what I do.