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Using Software to Recruit and Retain Talent

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s 17th annual global CEO survey, 93 percent of CEOs said they recognize the need to change their talent strategies. At the same time, almost two-thirds of them have failed to make those changes. One reason for this discrepancy is a lack of support in HR resources and management. Today, if your human resources department isn’t taking advantage of digital tools, attracting and retaining talent can be difficult.

Regardless of the age spectrum of your employees, whether they’re Millennials or Generation X, there are clear benefits of digitizing your HR solutions. Older employees will reap the rewards of increased efficiency and reporting, while younger employees will value corporate initiatives that align with their preferences as well as modernization. Cutting edge isn’t just cool, it keeps your company relevant and growing.

Go Mobile

First and foremost, the rampant movement of applications from desktop to mobile devices means employees are coming to prefer the use of mobile devices. Phones and tablets offer a level of convenience and immediacy that positively affects workflow for employees as well as HR representatives. Whether it’s applying for your job during their morning train ride that wins you a new hire, or the convenience of looking up vital personal info through an app that keeps a longtime employee happy, mobile software offers more potential for human resource management than ever before. However, make sure those apps have gone through adequate security testing, or someone’s private information could be seriously compromised.


According to Gartner analysts, by 2016 businesses should already be using games to better facilitate HR processes—but this isn’t quite happening. Gamification is essentially what it sounds like: an app that makes what was once a tedious task, like training, into a game. Research by Gallup found that 31% of employees claim to be engaged at work, while 51% are disengaged and 17.5% go the step further to actively disengaged. But what is most interesting is how this data compares when you apply a generational segmentation. It turns out Millennials are the least engaged generation, with only 28.9% loving their jobs, as compared to around 32.9% for both Gen X & Boomers.

When you can make HR onboarding more approachable for millennials as well as more effective and even fun for older generations, you’re that much closer to revolutionizing your HR practices and retaining the talent you need. But remember, no one likes to get hooked on a game that doesn’t work right, so make sure the app or software can handle many users at one through a process like performance testing.

Digital Recruitment and Training

Software can still engage your employees and increase organizational efficiency without crossing the line into being a game. For example, Uber created an application that shows what it’s like to live a day in the life of a driver. This helps candidates put themselves in the position so they can both anticipate and prepare for the job. Another example is Deloitte, who created an education program to help both evaluate prospective employees and grant more transparency about their internal processes to customers.

When you’re considering what might make your company’s human resources department more efficient or better-performing, start by finding the inefficiencies in your current hiring process to make sure the right candidates are coming through the doors to begin with. It can be time consuming and costly to hire someone only to find they don’t have the skill set you thought. Using an application to test the knowledge of prospective employees before hiring means you can hire better, stronger, and faster.

If you’re considering implementing a new digital HR solution, it’s crucial that you know your application works. The unavoidable stress of transitioning to new technology is lessened when everything runs smoothly. Current employees are less likely to get discouraged and prospective employees are more likely to be impressed. Instead of anticipating and solving performance and quality issues on your own, consider partnering with professionals like iLAB to ensure your new software is high-quality and compatible with other internal systems. Our breadth of experience will give you the confidence to implement your HR solutions and know not only that they will work, but what to do if and when they don’t.