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What is ISTQB Certification?

The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is the lead organization in the world that certifies software quality analysts and tests their skill. The board uses a training scheme rooted in a common language to make sure testers who follow their curriculum learn the same skills and best practices. iLAB’s world-class software testing training program uses these standards as the foundation of our curriculum too. Here’s more about what it means to get certified as a software tester and become a lifetime member of the ISTQB.

ISTQB Foundation Certification 2018

This basic level of qualification is appropriate for anyone who needs a basic understanding of software testing. Project managers, business analysts, software development managers, and other leaders are all ideal candidates for this basic software testing training. The curriculum starts with the basics of testing and why it is needed, then moves on to discuss how testing can happen practically at different stages of the software development lifecycle. Then, specific test methodologies are discussed, with the course ending by helping students master basic tools for testing. With more understanding of test management principles and strategy, it will be easier to ensure both testing activities and the final software align with goals and desired functionality.

ISTQB Agile Tester Certification 2018

Software quality assurance testers who work in a department using agile methodology need to know even more about testing theory and innovation, which is why ISTQB added a foundational certification specific to agile quality assurance. This course helps software quality testers adapt their approaches to the constant need for iteration and helps them better assess where risks might be within a product developed using agile processes. Completing this certification will allow software quality analysts to better support their coworkers in planning and designing defect testing in an agile environment.

ISTQB Advanced Certification 2018

By the time an individual is ready to move on to the advanced level of ISTQB certification, they have probably already been filling the role of a test manager or test analyst for a while. There are three “chapters” to this curriculum, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst, and Advanced Technical Test Analyst. Each has its own syllabus for study, and is tested separately by the ISTQB, but only after passing all three is a candidate considered to have achieved the full Advanced ISTQB certification. Skills in risk assessment, documentation, test execution and more are all rigorously improved upon completion.

ISTQB Expert Certification 2018

Quality assurance professionals seeking the ISTQB Expert-level certification must have their Foundation-level certification and may also need to have passed one or more Advanced tests, based on their skill set and what they hope to learn in the course. The Expert level curriculum is unique in that it is heavily focused on business outcomes for the employer of the tester. This means most students have a very broad understanding of software quality assurance already and are seeking this certification to deepen their expertise in a key area like security, automation, or other software testing activities. To be eligible, students must have 5 years’ experience in the industry and 2 years’ experience in their desired topic of expert certification. Unlike the other ISTQB certifications that are valid for life, endorsements at the Expert level only last for five years.

While the curriculum and exams for ISTQB certification are all freely disclosed on their website, trying to prepare for these tests on your own is almost impossible. You have to practice quality assurance to get good at it and understand it best. That’s why iLAB developed our international software testing training curriculum. A few days with an iLAB expert will help IT professionals at all levels pass these tests and earn certification. If you’d like to enroll, check out our calendar of upcoming classes.