A critical first step in any software implementation process is understanding the levels of productivity and output your organization is currently at, and the levels you wish to achieve with the new technology.  Before taking any journey toward a destination, you must understand your starting point.

A baseline inventory does just that.  It is the critical first step in our client-focused approach to quality assurance.  We place the needs of our clients as the top priority and use that focus to help you define the core business goals you hope to achieve.

In order to fully understand your organization’s unique challenges, we analyze the processes that comprise your daily operations.  Blending our analysis with over two decades of quality assurance experience, we are able to effectively understand the baseline at which you currently operate and establish the appropriate steps to elevate those metrics to the level you need.


Choosing to receive a baseline inventory is a critical first step in any process involving implementing new technology into your organization.  A baseline inventory will correctly identify the goals of your development, the performance standards you expect, and define what success means for the launch of your solution.

From there, you will be able to better understand your projects toll on your organization’s budget and demands on other resources before you commit to the development process.  We will guide you in selecting the appropriate software development lifecycle process for your project, organization, and industry. All activities will be driven from this single, critical decision.

This process will help in the selection of the development firm who will be responsible for sourcing your new solution.  With a better understanding of your business goals and the demands it will place on your organization, you will be able to more effectively select the right partner, for either new software development or Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) purchases.


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