Human Resources: iLAB Understands Optimization of SAP Solutions

iLAB Understands Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) are essential in developing a company’s strategy and handling an organization’s employee-centered activities. Every organization, regardless of size, faces HR management challenges. Harnessing the power of innovative software solutions to process the critical tasks associated with HR can provide a competitive advantage for organizations of all sizes but also comes with risks.

For example, minor calculation errors or incompatibility with new software updates can lead to employees receiving improper pay, errors in critical payroll tax calculations, and a lack of essential supplies when they are needed. iLAB understands your organization’s issues and has the cost-effective quality assurance solutions you need to keep your systems running properly.

The Opportunity

The pressure of continued errors in the client’s current management systems led to one iLAB client reaching out for an ongoing engagement. This particular client faced a growing concern from key staff members over the accuracy of compensation and benefits management.

The client relied heavily upon internal Information Technology (IT) staff to manage the testing process and ensure systems were compatible after significant updates or introducing new data to the system. Unfortunately, these staff members lacked the formal training and techniques to effectively source the problems they were experiencing and create pathways toward a solution. As a result, internal resources were inefficient, costs were rising, and errors were still occurring at a noticeable rate.

The Risk

Elements such as tax rates, healthcare costs, and other data associated with HR are constantly changing. A system that could not process this data effectively could lead to improperly paid employees, an increase in unsatisfied staff, and significant financial and tax implications that could devastate the organization. The efficient use of all assets is critical for the success of any organization. Allocating staff, resources, and finances to an inefficient quality management process would drastically hamper the organization’s profitability and hinder the opportunity to invest in infrastructure that could attract students and top job candidates to the organization alike.

The iLAB Solution

The target area identified was the current system’s ability to integrate and gather data from a variety of different sources and process rare payroll occurrences accurately. The iLAB team noticed the uncertainty over the effectiveness of the pre-existing systems once new data and integrations were introduced to the system.

Through a combination of manual and automated testing procedures, our team replicated the data sets of existing staff members and the unique payroll situations that were creating issues. This procedure allowed the team to analyze various data combinations to identify trouble areas and ensure accuracy.

Lastly, we implemented our internationally accredited training programs to help train critical internal staff members to more effectively address quality issues and implement efficient QA systems in their workplace. As a result, the client reported drastic increases in productivity and avoided the cost of purchasing entirely new software solutions.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.