Our Story

A History of iLAB 


iLAB founded

In 1998, seven years after the end of Apartheid, technology was flooding into South Africa at a rapid pace. One global software solutions developer, SAP, sought assistance in developing and deploying a custom HR payroll solution. They contracted with an established South African niche software developer, EPI-USE, who determined quickly this was an opportunity for growth and diversification. And so, with Y2K on everyone’s mind and the dot.com bubble on the swell, iLAB was born.


iLAB grows from a company of 5 to a company of 60 people

What began as a startup developed to support SAP’s global expansion would quickly become a market leader in its own right. Over the first two years, iLAB grew from a company of five to a company of 60 people.


iLAB secures contract with HP and Compaq

In 2003, iLAB’s quality assurance side secured a contract with HP and Compaq to support their services across the entire continent of Africa. After MTN, Africa’s biggest telecoms provider, chose iLAB for quality assurance testing without project management, leadership decided to pivot.


iLAB expands testing services

By 2004, iLAB was focused solely on testing, with our expertise in project management internalized.


iLAB expands to Australia and North America

In 2005, we expanded our services to Australia, and in 2009 to North America. That was when iLAB Holdings was formed, to ensure our global growth was well-supported.


iLAB acquires Mobius Labs

In 2009, iLAB acquires a business in North America called Mobius Labs.


iLAB acquires Testing Data Services

In 2010, iLAB acquired a South African company called Testing Data Services. This group had been providing information technology training to professionals since 1995. With their expertise added to the stack, iLAB was truly poised to redefine software testing and quality assurance on a global scale. 


iLAB acquires iTeste

In 2018, we brought those services to South America with our newest acquisition of Brazilian company iTeste that added many new employees to our team. This enabled us to truly compete with blended rate companies, without the challenges to quality a blended rate model can present.


iLAB acquires SVLabs

SVLabs officially becomes part of the iLAB Holdings family through its recent acquisition by iLAB, a renowned leader in software quality and testing services in the Brazilian market. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey of growth and innovation. By joining forces with SVLabs, we not only strengthen our global presence but also open doors to new opportunities in emerging markets.


iLAB continues to support IT projects that transform nations

When it was originally named, iLAB was meant to stand for “Incubator Laboratory,” a place where software is isolated and grown stronger before being released into the world. iLAB is proud today to have held true to that purpose, to have supported IT projects that transform nations, and to be ready tomorrow to set out on the next great journey.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.