Essential Solutions for Modern Industries

The commonality between all the different solutions we offer is our commitment to pursuing quality. Like seafarers teased by a smudge of land on the horizon, if better circumstances or outcomes are to be had, we go after them. When risks present themselves, we eliminate them if possible, and if not, help clients learn to anticipate them and have a plan to react.

Quality doesn’t always mean perfection, but it does include a necessity for thoroughness and vision. Our service offerings are uniquely tailored to each client to help them make those choices in their own way, according to their own goals.


Gain a precise understanding of project costs and build a development environment suitable for your operations by working with iLAB from the outset.


We cover every aspect of your solution’s functionality ensuring complete adherence to quality and behavioral requirements.


Evaluate your solution to verify performance under heavy loads and during resource bottlenecks, and prepare for scalability.


Define all entry points to the system, analyze potential threats and develop solutions that will secure customer data and prevent data loss.


Prepare your solution for the evolving mobile marketplace and deliver a solution that meets the needs of your customers.