Case Studies

Gaming: iLAB Offers an Interactive Experience Encouraging Customer’s to Keep Playing

The client has a centralized management company that develops software internally and invests in and focuses on developing, operating, and managing hotels, resorts, and casinos. The client required a comprehensive solution to ensure it meets government regulatory requirements. A centralized team of iLAB professionals hosted a test lab replicating multiple casino environments.

Human Resources: iLAB Understands Optimization of SAP Solutions

The target area identified was the current system’s ability to integrate and gather data from a variety of different sources and process rare payroll occurrences accurately. The iLAB team noticed the uncertainty over the effectiveness of the pre-existing systems once new data and integrations were introduced to the system.

iLAB Facilitates SAP Upgrade and Expansion

A South Africa-based mining group with a market capitalization of over $7 billion engaged iLAB to implement test ware complementary to the existing integrated SAP and non-SAP environment. The goal was to facilitate test management, automation, and performance testing of SAP and non-SAP systems.

iLAB Succesfully Implements Healthcare Systems: Contact Tracing for Covid-19 and VitalChek

The mission of this prominent hospital is to promote, protect, and improve the health and safety of all civilians. iLAB believes that everyone deserves to reach and maintain optimal health regardless of where they live, learn, work, or play. iLAB Testing and Software Quality Assurance associates worked with this healthcare institution on the implementation of two systems, Contact Tracing for COVID-19 and VitalChek.

iLAB Understands the Careful Balance Your Company Must Maintain Between Industry Innovator and Trusted Brand

This financial institution engaged iLAB on multiple fronts to solve the various needs their new business objectives created. Through careful consultation and optimizing the development process the client already had in place, iLAB could seamlessly integrate into the operations of the banking institution and bring our revolutionary iTEST© feature alongside.

Insurance: iLAB Understands Adoption and Innovation in the Insurance Industry

Our client offered their products through a vast network of partner companies who must have access to new, constantly updating systems. Failure of these systems in the hands of valuable sales partners could lead to a significant loss of revenue.

Performance Testing: iLAB Understands the Importance of Proper Execution Essential to a Quality Solution

A leading global provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, and recreational vehicle dealers approached iLAB. With nearly 9 billion in revenue and an estimated 570,000 clients, the company is the world’s largest provider of business outsourcing solutions. The company offers various Human Resources (HR), payroll, tax, and benefits administration solutions.

Public Sector: Department of Motor Vehicles Seeks iLAB’s Services to Mitigate Risk and Enhance Operational Success

The motor vehicle agency needed a testing suite that is stable and automated across both web and mobile applications. After partnering with iLAB, the agency now has an established testing suite. It has been successfully implemented and is actively in use.

Public Sector: iLAB Acted in a Consulting Role to Help Develop Quality Assurance Strategies for a Successful Transition

The client wanted to move from the ERP Employee Central (EEC) SAP component and other disconnected support systems to a full suite of SAP Products (Ariba, Concur, S4 Hana, Employee Central, SuccessFactors, UKG, PMGM, Learning, Benefit Focus, Inventory Management, SBP, and Asset Manager).

Retail: A Multi-Billion Dollar Food, Snack, and Beverage Corporation Seek iLAB’s Help for Software Quality Assurance

A global food, snack, and beverage corporation approached iLAB to help implement a new module: Human Capital Management (HCM), to the SAP Employee Central (EC) module implementation project. iLAB provided the core testing team and led User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The core testing team also handled defect management. Our team contributed Software Quality Assurance expertise, assisting with project planning and execution and identifying and mitigating risks that could jeopardize the project.

Retail: iLAB Serves as the Core Testing Team for One of the Largest SAP Clients in the World

The client has a complex IT architecture; one of the largest SAP clients in the world, the client’s systems include a heavily customized SAP ERP system to suit its operations. Their SAP ERP system is complemented with other solutions for various other business activities.

Telecom: iLAB Understands the Telecommunication Industry is Essential to Daily Life

A subsidiary of the world’s second-largest Mobile Telecommunications company fully outsourced all software testing to iLAB in 2014. This subsidiary provides mobile communications services such as voice, messaging, data, and converged services to over 55 million customers.

Telecom: iLAB Understands the Transformation of Existing IT Systems

The client initiated a project to transform the existing information technology (IT) systems to meet the business development requirements and address their issues. In addition, the client required iLAB to form part of a comprehensive software quality assurance initiative to help ensure project success.

Tested and Trusted within Health and Human Services Industry

iLAB provides testing and SQA services for the state agency first partnering with them in 2014 for a six-month engagement to conduct SQA assessments on four of its major systems and on partner vendor processes. After that successful assessment, state agency retained iLAB for a multi-year managed service engagement.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.