Independent Software Quality Assurance and Testing. It’s What We Do. It’s All We Do.

iLAB wants to be your independent software quality assurance and testing partner. We provide individualized solutions that help your organization use the latest software to improve projects, safeguard data, and reduce risk.

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Mission Critical Independent Software Quality Assurance and Testing

iLAB has over two decades of experience providing independent software quality assurance and testing services in nearly every major industry. To thrive, every organization must integrate new technology and connect to the Internet of Things.

iLAB understands the importance of delivering software that not only performs as expected, but in a manner that is seamless, speedy, and professional. When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses. 

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Managed Services

End-to-end quality assurance at a lower cost and with increased efficiencies.

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Resource Augmentation

Rapidly grow your testing teams with our QA experts.

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Project-Based Delivery

Flexible software testing to meet your project needs on request.

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Strategic Consulting

Let iLAB help chart the best course for the journey to your goals.

Counting iLAB’s Successes by the Numbers

For over two decades, iLAB has helped organizations big and small, public and private, to meet the demands of rapid innovation. Our software quality assurance and testing experts will examine your software from every angle to provide a testing solution that is not only well thought out but individualized to your organization’s specific needs and circumstances.

95% of private sector companies engage independent software testing teams for every software deployment. 

1000+ projects successfully tested and deployed.

220+ defects found by iLAB testing teams daily.

98% decrease in defects experienced by iLAB’s government agency clients.  

2500+ manual test cases and 9000+ automated test cases executed by iLAB daily across all projects worldwide.

$30 million invested by iLAB towards software quality assurance and testing research and development.  

90% of iLAB’s clients hire us for repeat engagements.

80% of customers partner with iLAB for at least 8 years.

20+ different industries supported by iLAB globally.

25 years of experience providing independent software quality assurance and testing services.

100% focused on our client success.

550+ internationally accredited software quality assurance experts.

Customer Case Studies

iLAB didn’t become an independent software quality assurance and testing industry leader through a stroke of good luck. To make sure our clients receive best-in-class software quality assurance and testing services, we’ve invested over $30 million in research and development around our business.

Gaming: iLAB Offers an Interactive Experience Encouraging Customer’s to Keep Playing

Human Resources: iLAB Understands Optimization of SAP Solutions

Department of Motor Vehicles Seeks iLAB’s Services to Mitigate Risk and Enhance Operational Success

Lead Your Industry in Innovation and Quality

Is the industry software your business uses more reminiscent of the Flintstones or the Jetsons? From banking to retail to the public sector, iLAB helps businesses across multiple industries modernize their software.

Public Sector

Software solutions that improve efficiency and the community


Promote customer loyalty and encourage habitual buying


Secure patient and physician support along the continuum of care


Helping your ERP/SAP solutions run as they should


Provide your customers with a gaming experience that will keep them coming back


Making complex solutions simple and intuitive for customers

Financial Services

Provide your customers with the convenience, security, and connectivity they crave


Software testing services to improve your organization’s processes and productivity

Tourism & Travel

Take advantage of the best software to give your customers reason to return


Software solutions to help your manufacturing company get the job done right – and on time

Quality and Innovation Insights

Our innovative results provide our customers with software solutions that run faster and more effective than ever. Learn more in our blog.

Navigating Automation Challenges: iLAB’s Innovative Approach with Citizens Energy Group on Esri Integration

iLAB’s collaboration with Citizens Energy Group delves deep into the world of Esri automation. From understanding Esri’s unique challenges to implementing UFT One and gearing up for Regression Testing automation, our partnership is a testament to innovation, dedication, and mutual growth.

From Consultation to Collaboration: iLAB’s Transformative Partnership with Citizens Energy Group on Esri Integration

iLAB’s collaboration with Citizens Energy Group transcended traditional goals, blending innovation with excellence. From the ESRI Enterprise upgrade to introducing JIRA with Xray and leading UAT efforts, join us in exploring this transformative journey and the strategies that paved the way for deeper collaboration.

iLAB’s Pioneering Role in the State of Indiana’s BMV e-Lien Implementation

Delve into iLAB’s instrumental role in revolutionizing Indiana’s BMV processes with the e-Lien system. From challenges to innovations, journey with us as we highlight our commitment to technological advancements and unparalleled quality assurance in the world of vehicle liens.

Beyond Corporate Purpose.

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