iLAB Awarded Multi-Year Software Quality Assurance and Testing Contract by Altron HealthTech

As part of the organization’s strategic growth efforts, Altron HealthTech has engaged iLAB to provide its product testing services

Indianapolis, IN, Sep. 30, 2022 — iLAB is proud to announce our new partnership with seasoned healthcare industry player Altron HealthTech. This pairing combines the talents of Altron HealthTech, a leader in healthcare practice management and electronic claims delivery within South Africa’s healthcare industry, and iLAB, a respected global presence in the independent testing and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) space. Based on iLAB’s superior record and reputation, Altron HealthTech has retained iLAB to provide testing services.

“iLAB was awarded a multi-year contract to provide product testing services, based on their impressive track record and experience of providing such services to a global market, as well as abilities to commit to SLAs matching Altron’s requirements,” said Andrew Brown, Operations Executive at Altron HealthTech. “iLAB is equally able to respond to our business need to include additional projects into the scope as it develops new solutions and pursues new markets.”

Outsourcing their testing practice to iLAB allows Altron HealthTech to focus on the strategic growth of their organization, including increasing their market footprint and introducing new products.

iLAB’s goal is to help Altron HealthTech achieve the following testing objectives:

  • Expand testing capabilities, including test automation.
  • Modernize the processes and toolsets used.
  • Improve the overall quality of products released to customers.
  • Reduce the time-to-market when deploying new features.
  • Introduce performance and security testing.

Altron HealthTech develops reliable, efficient, and impactful solutions. With over 30 years of experience in practice management and electronic claims transacting between healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and funders.

To retain the core knowledge of the applications, iLAB successfully onboarded former Altron HealthTech employees into their organization. We also implemented a new way of working and a new test strategy for the business.

iLAB has provided standardization across various business units and introduced visibility to the testing metrics required for key business decisions. We were able to quickly achieve a “business-as-usual” status during the transformation into an outsourced testing service without interrupting Altron HealthTech’s new development.

iLAB is excited and honoured to partner with Altron HealthTech. We look forward to celebrating many future shared successes.

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