On Episode 161-Banning Ego Among Senior Decision-Makers of Workplace Strategies, hosted by Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Jethro Lloyd shares his story of becoming iLAB CEO at age 25. Speaking from that experience among others, Jethro offers insights into navigating business relationships with those of different generations. “Our business spans across all generations. Our youngest employee in Indianapolis is around 20 years old and the oldest is in Brazil at 76 years old,” Lloyd tells Coon.

Lloyd identifies conflict management and resolution as a key differentiation between generations in the international workforce today. Young people may be more willing to speak up against authority now than ever. But taking criticism in return can be challenging for the same group. Still, the deep emotional intelligence required for effective leadership is possible at any age, and once identified in your talent pool, must be fostered and encouraged.

Understanding this and developing both policies and tools to support Millennial growth and development has been key to iLAB’s growth. Early in its history iLAB experienced a 30% turnover rate of younger employees. This was due to a lack of understanding about how to communicate. This rate Lloyd has reduced after implementing changes and growth of company culture.

How do you know the EQ of an employee? How do you help individuals of all ages strengthen their excellence and grow as professionals? Listen to the podcast for these expert insights on effective ways to engage and cultivate talent of any age in the workplace.