Virtual Basic (VB) Scripting for Testing

iLAB’s Visual Basic (VB) Scripting for Testers

Course Overview

The Visual Basic (VB) Scripting for Testers course by iLAB provides foundational knowledge of core VB scripting tailored for software testers. This beginner-level course is designed to equip testers with the skills needed for test scripting and automation through hands-on sessions that reinforce theoretical concepts.

Key Learning Areas

  • Context of Test Automation Scripting: Understand the basics of test automation architecture, the differences and similarities between programming and scripting languages, and the importance of version control in developing automated scripts.
  • Developing Automated Test Scripts: Learn best practices for scripting, including guidelines for automation execution, working with variables and arrays, functions, subroutines, and methods. Explore conditional/selection and looping statements, classes and libraries, file input and output, database connections, and batch processing.
  • Assertions and Defensive Programming: Develop skills in defensive programming and making assertions to ensure robust and reliable automated scripts.
  • Visual Basic Scripting: Gain hands-on experience in scripting with Visual Basic, the most commonly used language for test automation. Learn through practical exercises and real-world scenarios.

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ISTQB Accredited

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ASTQB Accredited

ASTQB is the American Software Testing Qualification Board.


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SASTQB is the Southern African Software Testing Qualification Board.

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