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4 Common Public Sector Software Challenges

Government and public sector departments tasked with creating or deploying a software solution face unique challenges. Maybe the software is meant to make serving the public easier by offering constituents more functionality, or by streamlining internal processes for the department to make things more efficient. Across the board, both kinds of software face four core challenges.

  1. Broad User Base

The first challenge facing public sector software is the broadness of its user base. If it’s a public-facing software, citizens with all different levels of technical expertise and capability need to be able to use the system with intuition and ease. For internal software, the same concern exists. Any workflow management or project management software tools need to be easy to use for employees in stressful situations who need clear answers fast.

  1. Interdepartmental Integration

No software exists in a vacuum, and for public sector software that’s especially true. Public-facing portals for public sector organizations like schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, and Departments of Revenue might need to pull records and information from multiple internal systems on the back end to present the consumer user with everything they need and want. Making sure that integration happens seamlessly and securely is critical. The same is true for internal systems that aim to better coordinate work between departments.

  1. Security

Another challenge facing public sector software is more universal to all software: making sure it’s secure. Users must be confident the public sector is keeping good care of their data. Lack of security can lead to serious legal liability for the department, city, or other organization that is using the software.

  1. Performance

Public sector software also needs to perform well during periods of high usage. However, for the public sector, these concerns go beyond even the bottom line. When public sector software doesn’t perform, it makes constituents question the service being provided to them by the public sector. A bad rollout could lead to professional consequences for elected officials or other decision makers. Just look at how readily the American public dismissed and criticized the Affordable Care Act when the Healthcare.gov web portal didn’t work well at launch.

If you’re looking to create or implement software in the public sector, don’t let one of these challenges jeopardize your success. Contact iLab today to start the process of becoming more assured about the quality and functionality of your software.