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Cloud Solutions for Big Business

With the need for consistent innovation just to stay with the pack, large corporations have turned to cloud solutions in droves. 80% of the Fortune 500 is already in the cloud, and for good reason. The cloud offers an environment that is ideal for the development, staging, and testing portions of software creation. This means your infrastructure admins won’t have to go through the time consuming and tedious process of logically separating your production network from these much-needed creation environments.
Big businesses have the opportunity and resources to benefit from this and other conveniences. While these are all founded on the same backbone of cloud service, they each provide a different level of expertise. Here’s a breakdown of three areas the cloud is making a huge difference for big businesses, and what to consider when deploying each kind of solution.


Customer resource management programs, or CRMs, allow you to easily interact with your customers, whether it’s for customer service, lead generation, or marketing. While these programs are not new – the notion of database marketing dates back to the 1980s – the integration of cloud solutions has rejuvenated the industry. Without being tethered to a traditional DevOps environment, companies are now able to innovate quickly and create sleeker applications with slicker interfaces that can be combined in the cloud. Additionally, because all your data is backed up in the cloud with replicas of your virtual server, even a disastrous crash can instantly be remedied. This means no worries for outages in customer relations and an overall better experience for you and your clients.

Human Resources

The world of human resources has radically grown thanks in part to cloud solutions. HR isn’t just a department to plan parties and stamp timecards; this is a field that can align itself fully with a company strategy and empower its workers to perform more efficiently and effectively. In order to do so, HR teams are turning to cloud-based human capital management (HCM) portals that can integrate employee information and analytics. For example, a payroll application produced by one company and a timesheet app made by another can function side-by-side in the cloud. This means you can harness the critical thinking skills of your HR professionals and use it to amp up your workforce productivity.

Data Management

The amount of data that exists in your large company is mind boggling, with 90% of the world’s data gathered and documented in the last two years. Sales trends, analytics, customer feedback, and marketing numbers continuously stack up day-by-day, and that’s not even accounting for the data being culled from any of your company’s Internet of Things connected devices. The security and reliability of cloud services, as well as the ability to access information and relevant data at any time from anywhere, would be enough to sell any large business on a cloud transition. But perhaps more importantly, cloud solutions provide agility and scalability, meaning you’re able to deploy new space for data at a moment’s notice.
Succeeding as a big business means keeping in stride with your competition. You need to work smarter, not harder, and cloud solutions can help you do so. You’ll be able to maximize your interactions with clients, empower your workers, and manage data storage much more effectively. That being said, if you’re unsure of how to take your first step, iLAB is here to help. Download our free whitepaper “Stairway to Heaven” to learn more about the scope and process of the transition.