Welcome to iLAB

We are a world-wide provider of leading software quality assurance products and services. Our expanding global reach allows us to offer our clients flexibility in terms of service locations.

We raise client awareness of the importance of quality and risk consciousness, taking emerging trends into consideration. As specialists and leaders in managed software quality assurance and testing services, we provide global solutions to our clients, and offer a comprehensive and integrated service portfolio. Our services are deployed through our unique best-of-breed methodologies and tools, underpinned by our international skills base and proven competencies.

Our Services

iLAB is a global independent software quality assurance  and testing company, with proven proprietary methodologies, industry accelerators, and global partnerships. iLAB provides our clients with comprehensive, practical and precise solutions.

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Certified Training

As experienced practitioners and leaders in independent software quality assurance and testing, we offer a wide variety of courses with a number of well-established training facilities throughout South Africa and internationally.

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Engage with Us

iLAB provides thought leadership on independent software testing globally. Our ever growing number of subject matter experts is constantly expanding our knowledge base and shares it freely with our community.

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iLAB strives to be an employer of choice to talented individuals with software testing, quality, project and risk management expertise. We encourage our people to obtain and maintain professional certification in their respective field of expertise; and we support them in becoming internationally recognized authorities in their selected fields.

Our case studies represent the some of the many successful projects and services that we have delivered to our global client base. The case studies represented describe the types of services and solutions we have provided across industry verticals.

Why Choose Us?

      • Our methodologies systematically  mitigate risks related to software applications
      • Independent software quality assurance and testing is our core focus
      • We reduce the total cost of ownership of software
      • Compulsory education for all members of our team as part of their career advancement
      • iLAB has a research and development team focused on software quality assurance and testing
      • We provide software quality assurance metrics to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

Our Partners