Software Quality Assurance for the Gaming Industry

Provide your customers with a gaming experience that will keep them coming back

iLAB can offer an interactive experience that encourages customers to keep playing

The gaming industry is a booming, billion-dollar industry. Are you getting your piece of the pie? With gaming, the ultimate concern is the happiness of the consumer. If your software was supposed to provide convenience or entertainment, but instead has failed, they’re definitely not going to leave a good review. Let iLAB help you innovate.

gaming industry software quality assurance

Our Gaming Industry Experts Can Provide the Following:

For the last two decades, iLAB has helped companies in the gaming industry meet the demands of rapid technology innovation in the industry. Our approach to quality and proprietary testing methodology allows our team of experts to examine your software from all angles, giving you a solution that delivers under the toughest of circumstances. Ready to learn more about how iLAB can help your business? Then contact us today.


Launch a software solution that satisfies even the most hard-to-please gamers


Provide an experience that turns casual customers into your most loyal fans and keeps them playing for years to come


Implement software that is convenient and entertaining for everyone who plays

Gaming: iLAB Offers an Interactive Experience Encouraging Customer’s to Keep Playing

The client has a centralized management company that develops software internally and invests in and focuses on developing, operating, and managing hotels, resorts, and casinos. The client required a comprehensive solution to ensure it meets government regulatory requirements.

Meeting the Needs of the Gaming Industry

iLAB’s dedicated approach to SQA and testing arms our gaming clients with a strategic advantage in delivering technology solutions.  Our primary goals are to improve quality, reduce risk, ensure timeliness to market, and provide delivery at an optimized cost.

iLAB Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Managed Services

End-to-end quality assurance at a lower cost and with increased efficiencies.

iLAB Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Project-Based Delivery

Flexible software testing to meet your project needs on request.

iLAB Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Resource Augmentation

Rapidly grow your testing teams with our QA experts.

iLAB Software Quality Assurance & Testing

Strategic Consulting

Let iLAB help chart the best course for the journey to your goals.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.