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Software solutions that improve efficiency and the community

When funded with taxpayer dollars, software has to make their lives either easier or better. On one hand, governments are faced with the expectations of today’s consumer. The public increasingly expects to be able to do things like pay taxes or renew their vehicle registration online. Public officials need them to do so securely and in accordance with the law. Constituents also want apps and technology that draw them closer to the community. Without proper quality assurance, your highly publicized new payment portal or parks department app might have a hidden security risk, or collapse during the first surge of traffic.

iLAB is your quality assurance partner against the poor headlines and even worse outcomes that can devastate careers. When public funds are at stake, you need a partner that can properly vet your vendors and hold them accountable every step of the way.  Our goal is to make sure you deliver an effective software solution that performs as promised. If we can get you there on time and at-budget, so much the better.


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