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Utilizing the best technology to enhance customer loyalty

With so much existing competition in the retail industry, it’s important to stick out from the competition. Utilizing the proper technological software and systems will help you create a heightened sense of customer loyalty and encourage repeat customers. iLAB will help to ensure that your applications or website integrates seamlessly with payment processing, social sharing, and shipping and handling services.

Retail Software Quality Assurance

Our Retail Experts Can Provide the Following:

With over two decades of experience, iLAB is the name that you can trust when it comes to quality assurance services for the retail industry. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we’ll help your retail company find ways to improve your overall business processes. Contact us today to receive more information about our quality assurance services for the retail industry.


Test your existing software. Your existing software should be tested and optimized to ensure that it is providing for the needs of your organization. Testing the capabilities of the software will make sure that it’s capable of fulfilling all of your business’ needs.


Ensure that your software integrates correctly. In order to have the greatest impact on your retail business, your software should be able to integrate with third-party companies. This will provide a wider array of products and services from a single sales checkpoint.

Retail: A Multi-Billion Dollar Food, Snack, and Beverage Corporation Seek iLAB’s Help for Software Quality Assurance

A global food, snack, and beverage corporation approached iLAB to help implement a new module: Human Capital Management (HCM), to the SAP Employee Central (EC) module implementation project.

Meeting the Needs of the Retail Industry

iLAB’s dedicated approach to SQA and testing arms our retail clients with a strategic advantage in delivering technology solutions.  Our primary goals are to improve quality, reduce risk, ensure timeliness to market, and provide delivery at an optimized cost.

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Software Quality Assurance & Testing

End-to-end software quality assurance and testing services.

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Workforce Solutions

Empowering success with top-tier IT talent solutions that meet the need of your staff and projects. 

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Testing Optimization

Maximizing efficiency for exceptional results through improved processes and technologies.

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Training Center

Cultivating expertise for a competitive edge for both individuals and organizations.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.