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Promote customer loyalty and encourage habitual buying

Software and retail have become inextricably connected over the last decades, and the future holds solutions we can’t even imagine yet. Once, it was predicted that online shopping would make brick and mortar stores obsolete. Today, we see that it’s about making a store into a destination worth journeying to. Both online and physical stores require secure payment processing and real-time inventory tracking to stay competitive. Online retailers must use big data to syndicate real-time marketing efforts and adjust pricing according to current shopping trends. Brick and mortar stores can use technology to see what items need restocking while at the same time helping customers sign up for digital rewards.

Outside niche businesses there are today’s super-retailers, expected to integrate with third party companies to offer a wider array of products and services all from one checkout point of sale.  Consumers now want to pay their phone bill, buy airfare, and pay for groceries at the same time, ideally from the same app or website. Market research has shown for years that people are willing to pay more for convenience. But such offerings come with increased responsibility. Ensuring that your app or website integrates correctly with elements like payment processing, social sharing, shipping, and handling services is critical to the one-click convenience today’s consumers are looking for.

Whatever innovative software offering for today’s shoppers you’re bringing to the retail space, iLAB wants to help you test it forward and make sure it has the legs to go viral.


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