Public Sector: Department of Motor Vehicles Seeks iLAB’s Services to Mitigate Risk and Enhance Operational Success

iLAB Understands the Public Sector

This government agency’s mission is to serve all its residents by providing best-in-class driver and vehicle services in a timely and accurate manner while ensuring security and transparency.

The client offers various online services to Indiana residents, such as renewing driver’s license, renewing vehicle registration, viewing vehicle title(s), viewing driving records, and 24/7 Self Service Kiosks.

iLAB Gets Involved

iLAB sent a team to test a legislative release ready to deploy in four. Our team understood the current state of quality and functionality of the client. They created a regression test suite for core functionality and successfully tested legislative changes in a short time span.

As a result, iLAB implemented many new strategies to ensure the client runs more successfully:

  • Assisted the client in transition to Agile methodology (Scrum) and now SAFe.
  • Implemented Defect Management and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) processes.
  • Created 53,400 detailed functional test cases using Test Management tools.
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps.
  • Conducted Application Program Interface (API) Testing for 3rd parties using Postman.
  • Aligned regression test cases with top production transactions by volume and revenue.

Automation Test Strategy: Next Steps in QA Journey

The motor vehicle agency needed a testing suite that is stable and automated across both web and mobile applications. After partnering with iLAB, the agency now has an established testing suite. It has been successfully implemented and is actively in use.


  • Identifying 300 critical workflows as automation candidates.
  • Implementing an automation framework using Selenium with Python (PyCharm IDE).
  • Manual testers execute regression test cases earlier in the 2-week sprint.
  • Post completion- automated regression test cases run in every sprint.

Return on Investment 

  • Decreased regression testing time by 89%.
  • Increased test coverage.
  • Automated regression scripts run in development sprints versus at the end – 4x increased execution frequency.
  • Finding defects early.
  • Post release production testing.
  • Automated production Smoke testing.
  • Testing on demand.
  • Testing multiple environments.

After iLAB’s involvement, the clients SQA maturity is thriving today.

The Results

  • Benefits of mature SQA Process: no overcharges and undercharges.
  • Every release is a success.
  • After the production deployment, teams continue to move forward to the next sprint immediately after the release.
  • Features and enhancements are delivered in production with minimal effort on remediation.
  • Detailed audit trail of what was tested, how it was tested, and when it was tested.
  • Production release deployment times reduced by 75% because of build and test automation.
  • Increased test coverage for vendor fixes, patches, and upgrades of operating systems.
  • Increased user confidence in public-facing systems.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.