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Secure patient and physician support along the continuum of care

Today’s patients are more empowered than ever when it comes to their healthcare. For healthcare providers, this means it’s no longer enough to simply provide great care. Today’s patients want healthcare integrated with technology that informs them before care is received and supports them afterward.

Patients are also demanding more transparency in the way healthcare organizations carry out business. These trends place an added stress on healthcare organizations to consistently innovate. And for healthcare companies, innovation is complicated.

Streamlined billing platforms and payment systems require smooth integration with insurance companies, third party vendors, and funding sources. Simple errors in adapting to the international classification of disease standards could result in improper calculations of patient bills, or delays in claim processing. On-demand access to a patient’s chart or medical history requires different software and systems work together. But implementing this new technology without adequate quality assurance can put your organization at risk of significant violations of HIPAA laws and a loss of patient confidence if systems fail.

Healthcare professionals more than most others know the truth in the statement that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t let your software be the dangerous exception to this time-tested rule.


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