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Patients demand more technology than ever before to keep them informed about their care. Deliver what they need with help from iLAB

Simply providing great care is no longer enough for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Today’s patients demand healthcare integrated with technology to keep them up to date with everything going on – before, during and after care. Patients crave more transparency in the way healthcare organizations do business. These trends place added stress on healthcare organizations to continually innovate. And for healthcare companies, innovation is complicated.

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Our Healthcare Experts Can Provide the Following:

For the last two decades, iLAB has helped healthcare organizations meet the demands of rapid technology innovation in the industry. Our approach to quality and proprietary testing methodology allows our team of experts to examine your software from all angles, giving you a solution that delivers under the toughest of circumstances. Keep patients and their families connected and happy by offering the software they expect.


Implement software to improve the overall experience for patients. This can include implementing telehealth software, remote patient monitoring tools, secure messaging tools, and other digital tools that connect patients with their healthcare providers.


Streamline billing platforms and payment systems which require smooth integration with insurance companies, third-party vendors, and funding sources. Simple errors in adapting to the international classification of disease standards could result in improper calculations of patient bills, or delays in claim processing.


Give healthcare facilities on-demand access to a patient’s chart or medical history with the implementation of different software and systems working together.

iLAB Succesfully Implements Healthcare Systems: Contract Tracing for Covid-19 and VitalChek

iLAB believes that everyone deserves to reach and maintain optimal health regardless of where they live, learn, work, or play. iLAB Testing and Software Quality Assurance associates worked with this healthcare institution on the implementation of two systems, Contact Tracing for COVID-19 and VitalChek.


Full of risks and complicated workflows, businesses within the pharmaceutical industry need reliable software testing to ensure that processes and applications are accurate and secure. The best pharmaceutical software should aid you by monitoring inventory, recording data, providing restocking reminders, and keeping track of billing records. iLAB will test your company’s existing software to ensure that it’s the best possible solution and taking care of your needs.

Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry

iLAB’s dedicated approach to SQA and testing arms our healthcare clients with a strategic advantage in delivering technology solutions.  Our primary goals are to improve quality, reduce risk, ensure timeliness to market, and provide delivery at an optimized cost.

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Software Quality Assurance & Testing

End-to-end software quality assurance and testing services.

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Workforce Solutions

Empowering success with top-tier IT talent solutions that meet the need of your staff and projects. 

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Testing Optimization

Maximizing efficiency for exceptional results through improved processes and technologies.

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Training Center

Cultivating expertise for a competitive edge for both individuals and organizations.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.