Our Expertise

iLAB’s approach to quality and proprietary testing methodology allows our team of experts to examine your software from all angles, giving you a solution that delivers under the toughest of circumstances. When you want to drastically reduce your software testing costs and ensure the software performs as expected, contact the experts at iLAB.

Software Testing Expertise

Let Our Quality Experts Guide the Way

iLAB was created to be an advocate for organizations that must consistently deploy innovative software in order to survive. Today, almost every business is judged by its technology to some extent. On the journey to provide software solutions that meet the needs and desires of your clients, a single misstep can lead to catastrophe. As a software quality assurance partner, we understand that there are no second chances at a great first impression.

Whether we’re consultants brought in from phase one, or testers after the software has been developed, iLAB’s team of engineers will work to consistently improve the quality of your project, secure your valuable users and their data, and limit your exposure to risk. We match our two decades of software quality assurance experience with our revolutionary iTEST® process to provide the most thorough approach to quality assurance in the industry.

As a result, our clients quickly and efficiently deliver software solutions to market that they know they can trust.  We have unmatched expertise in the following areas:

Project Management

iLAB’s experts are entrusted with being the customer’s advocate in managing development and testing efforts to ensure the successful delivery of customers’ projects.

Software Evaluation & Implementation

Whether you are looking to adopt, build, buy a solution, our professional services team has experience with hundreds of software solutions and can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with purchasing and implementing new software.

Project Consulting

Whether you are adopting, building, buying software or just want to improve your company’s QA Process Maturity we’re ready to help you chart the best course for the journey to your goals.

Automation Testing

Our test automation can cut testing costs by up to 75% and reduce test times drastically. Our experienced team can create automation solutions for your software or train your team on how to avoid automation script maintenance nightmares.

Security Testing

Whether you’re building or buying software, security should be your biggest concern. Our comprehensive protection solutions will stop potential threats in their tracks.

Performance Testing

We evaluate software under conditions of extreme traffic or usage to ensure you know the new system’s limits and can prepare for scalability.

Functional Testing

Functional or feature-level testing is performed by our expert testers to verify the proper functionality of the software. It may include testing of the mathematical and algorithm correctness of scientific and financial software, as well as testing of GUI functionality.

System Testing

Our expert testers can assist in documenting your processes, developing your requirements, and will implement a strategy to ensure the success of your systems.

Mobile Test Lab

Our Mobile Testing Lab allows software developers to see their app on multiple devices at once in real-time. This immersive experience has empowered many developers to take their apps to the next level.

End-to-End Testing

Our team performs our entire array of software testing services such as functional, performance, mobile, and security testing throughout the complete development process.

Risk Based Testing

iLAB serves in an advisory role for risk based testing. We guide your organization on a testing framework, provide guidance on implementation, and then determine the risk exposure.

Integration Testing

Our experts combine the ‘parts’ of an application to determine if they function together correctly. The ‘parts’ can be code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, etc. Integration testing is especially relevant to the client/server and distributed systems.

Regression Testing

Our experts design a regression package that ensures that after new development and fixes, your system performs as needed while minimizing the impact on your delivery timeline.


Our team of experts ensures that users can successfully navigate to and use the features provided within your software.  We can help you ensure you meet Federal 508 / ADA Compliance standards.

iLAB SAP Success Factor Tool

With SAP testing services from iLAB, we’ll help you optimize your SAP solutions according to the exact needs of your organization on a much quicker timeline.


As the leader in independent software quality assurance and testing for over two decades, our training has helped thousands of testers and managers launch their careers into the next level.

Quality Assurance Software Implementation

iLAB recommends considering the following when selecting testing software: How does the test automation tool interact with the application(s) being tested? And more.

Data Masking

While data masking conceals certain values, it also succeeds in retaining test data’s referential integrity, so test data retains its usefulness for testing, quality assurance, and training, without posing a risk to anyone’s data privacy.

User Acceptance Training

iLAB has vast experience in helping customers develop a UAT plan, design relevant test scenarios, facilitate remote and onsite sessions, and track the necessary results from their UAT sessions.

Our Expertise in Action

The commonality between all the different solutions we offer is our commitment to pursuing quality. Like seafarers teased by a smudge of land on the horizon, if better circumstances or outcomes are to be had, we go after them. When risks present themselves, we eliminate them if possible, and if not, help clients learn to anticipate them and have a plan to react.

Quality doesn’t always mean perfection, but it does include a necessity for thoroughness and vision. View our case studies to learn more about our commitment to pursuing quality.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.