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iLAB Added to Carahsoft’s SEWP Contract to Offer SQA Solutions to Federal Agencies

iLAB, a global leader in software quality assurance, has been added to Carahsoft’s Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) contract, allowing it to offer software quality assurance solutions and project management services to federal agencies. The SEWP V GWAC is a procurement program administered by NASA that enables federal agencies to purchase the latest IT products and related services. iLAB’s inclusion in Carahsoft’s SEWP contract will enable it to expand its reach and provide SQA solutions to more federal agencies.

iLAB Secures Multiple Government Contracts through Carahsoft

iLAB has secured multiple government contracts through Carahsoft to offer its software quality assurance and testing solutions and project management services to federal, state, and local government agencies through Carahsoft’s reseller partners. The contracts provide iLAB with the opportunity to sell any SQA and project management service to conduct business with government agencies.

ISM 2022 Annual Conference and Expo: October 23-26

iLAB is thrilled to account for our participation as an exhibitor at the ISM 2022 Annual Conference and Expo hosted by The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA). We look forward to meeting with Human Services professionals nationwide to learn about IT solutions enhancing health and human service delivery.

iLAB Awarded Multi-Year Software Quality Assurance and Testing Contract by Altron HealthTech

iLAB is proud to announce our new partnership with seasoned healthcare industry player Altron HealthTech. This pairing combines the talents of Altron HealthTech, a leader in healthcare practice management and electronic claims delivery within South Africa’s healthcare industry, and iLAB, a respected global presence in the independent testing and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) space. Based on iLAB’s superior record and reputation, Altron HealthTech has retained iLAB to provide testing services.

Want to improve quality? Give ethical hackers access to your code

When they have access to your product’s code and internal structure, ethical hackers can focus their attention on deep, mission-critical concerns. This is far more efficient than spending valuable (and expensive) time looking for surface vulnerabilities to gain entry. Why would you pay money to ask an ethical hacker to play a fancy game of hide and seek?

Business Leaders: ‘Banning’ Ego Among Senior Decision-Makers

Jethro Lloyd, CEO of iLAB, who has offices around the globe, discusses effective and ethical leadership as well as the process of bringing young leaders into senior decision-making roles in a positive way. Hosted by Fred Coon, CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

Jethro Lloyd on Why it’s Necessary for Leaders to Show Their Human Side

There’s a lot to love about the ’80s, but there are a few things we’re glad are gone. For example, the “superhero” approach to leadership. Jethro Lloyd, CEO and President of iLAB, digs into the shortfalls of leaders who try to seem invincible and explains why vulnerability is critical to leading well. Listen to learn why showing up as a leader means embracing your humanity.

Tips Estimation hotel-weinberg-hagnau Visualize Some time and Resources

Jethro Lloyd, President of iLAB – a credit card application quality control companies from offices in the Indianapolis, Newcastle, Johannesburg, Cape Urban area, Rio em Janeiro and to Questionnaire – says a unique first rung on the ladder is always to perform a little major research inside the us you will want to enhance you can.

iLAB/Tricentis Partnership Annoucement via

iLAB, a business, announces partnership with Tricentis, a leader in continuous platform testing. Tricentis is a recognized leader in the field of continuous testing and automation, widely credited for reinventing software testing for DevOps and agile environments. Their AI-based automation platform enables enterprises to dramatically increase software release speed, reduce costs and improve software quality. Tricentis was named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant five years in a row.

The Role of AI in Quality Assurance for Cloud Applications

Artificial Intelligence has a role to play in just about every cloud software application out there. That extends to development, but the question we face today is a big one: What do we do with this awesome tool to improve the quality of the software we develop? Some forecast that in a few years, AI will replace Quality Assurance professionals as we know them today. In truth, AI’s job in QA is not to replace anything, but to enhance the work we do every day.

Require employees to perform mobile device security—or take it out of their hands

Gaps in mobile security remain a threat to your protected health information (PHI) and leave you vulnerable to HIPAA violations, so train and, if necessary, limit employee use to reduce the risk.

Controlling IT risks without slowing growth

Does your software present a risk to your company’s bottom line and reputation? iLAB is helping clients raise the quality of their process to protect against risk. Though the idea of mitigating against risk may seem contradictory at first, software quality assurance experts at iLAB are tackling that question by establishing a process.

What Gig Workers Bring to Forward-Looking Companies

The gig economy is a growing and there are gig workers everywhere now, including the tech industry. This is nothing new — gig workers have always been a part of the workplace as freelancers, short-term contract workers, or even workers employed by the hour. What is new, however, is the number of gig workers and their place in the digital workplace. While there are new challenges for companies, the most pressing are how they will fit with company processes, culture and management workload.

Migrating to S4 HANA and SuccessFactors with friends

You know how testing can really disable a project timeline and how no one ever wants to write test scripts and keep those updated. . . ever? iLAB, also a company, to the rescue! With iLAB, Quality Assurance is all they do and their model is to come into your project team, learn with the team and then create your end-to-end testing processes. Totally worth the investment, in my humble opinion.

The Global Environment for Marketing

Jethro Llyod, CEO of iLAB – a software quality assurance company with offices in Indianapolis, London, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney – says another initial step is to conduct some significant research into the country you want to expand to. 

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.