Solutions Built on iLAB’s Strategic Three Pillars

Quality assurance and elimination of risks drive iLAB custom solutions to deliver the best results. We base our strategies on three pillars:

  1. Guidance to help you find and acquire the right tools for implementation.
  2. Training and integration of your chosen tools to help optimize development.
  3. Quality assurance solutions to improve development workflows from initial design to production deployment.
SQA Solutions

Software Quality Assurance Solutions

iLAB solutions are supported by three strategic pillars engineered with quality assurance as a priority. Our quality assurance engineers predict and identify risks so that customer issues can be eliminated before they impact revenue and affect production. Quality doesn’t always mean perfection, but it requires an experienced team committed to thoroughness and vision to make a positive impact on your software development lifecycle.

As we help customers, we gather historical information and continue to provide data-driven results. From stakeholders to developers, iLAB provides reporting and metrics to help our customers make strategic decisions. Our precise metrics give you necessary information to identify the success of your builds. We also work with engineers to turn lessons learned into more productive and successful outcomes.

Quality metrics focus on your business requirements, and our information drives better scale for future processes. Every iLAB strategy is customized and adheres to your business requirements so that software is maintained, documented, and engineers can continue to use our integrated solutions for better performance.

Your software should be built to last – just like a classic car– but it’s inevitable that mistakes happen, and they can ruin the longevity of your business – just like a car. iLAB restores the quality of your software in the same way a quality mechanic can restore the dents and scratches in a car. We see our pillars as a strategy to restore faulty development processes in the same way a mechanic identifies faulty machinery and provides restoration solutions to optimize your car’s performance.

Improving Speed/Delivery Cycle Time

Partnering with iLAB starts with resource and asset auditing to identify bottlenecks. Through resource augmentation, developers increase performance using our dedicated framework, low-code solutions, and automation technology. iLAB partners with everyone involved to implement risk-based testing without the expensive overhead that slows down productivity. Agile coaching and training solves many of the challenges developers face when working in a fast-paced automated environment and provides them with the knowledge to provide effective solutions quickly.

Improve Quality

Every organization has room for improvement, and iLAB works with developers and stakeholders to identify opportunities for better quality growth. Developers upskill their experience with testing, CI/CD pipelines, reporting, and defect management so that they can bring these skills to your organization. The iLAB engineers review current workflows to set a benchmark for quality by creating new requirements that fit your business and follow best practices. Transformation to new work models improve developer processes, configurations, and implementations to provide a more quality driven sustainable software development lifecycle.

Quality Assurance Software Sourcing

In order to fully understand your organization’s unique challenges, we analyze the processes that comprise your daily operations.  Blending our analysis with over two decades of quality assurance experience, we are able to effectively understand the baseline at which you currently operate and establish the appropriate steps to elevate those metrics to the level you need. A baseline inventory will correctly identify the goals of your development, the performance standards you expect, and define what success means for the launch of your solution. Our solutions will build automation into your engineering, and improve data management, security, and development performance.

Modernization/System Upgrade

Managing development projects often leads to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that eventually limit performance and inhibit production. iLAB solutions are built with effective project management in mind so that stakeholders can identify bottlenecks and risks and improve on current processes. This means introducing new software technology such as microservices, testing automation using SAP enterprise resource planning upgrades, and implementing automation tools such as Tricentis and UI Path. Most organizations have their preferred tools, but iLAB will modernize current solutions and add to your development toolbox for better performance.

New System Implementations

Many organizations choose commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) for its quick implementation. iLAB introduces your organization to modern tools to improve performance, but we also offer COTS performance testing, penetration testing, and regression analysis. Your organization is set up with new SAP ERP procedures, cloud applications, test strategies and implementations, and API tools for better quality development, test management, and performance. In addition to new tools, iLAB tests your current COTS tools for any risks so that you can identify gaps in production security and bug remediation.

Mobile Applications

Mobile consumers are extremely demanding about their in-app experience. If your mobile application does not work properly, your target consumer will likely never open it again. Partnering with iLAB is an all-in-one solution to testing in the complex smartphone and tablet landscape. Through our mobile testing lab we will perform an analysis to determine what devices your users are on and which operating systems they use. Then, we pair an extensive emulator testing process with real-time evaluation on the cutting-edge devices your users will have in their hands. Finally, we rigorously test the app under real-life scenarios to ensure it performs as needed, including viewing the app on multiple devices at once in real-time.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.