Project-Based Delivery

Individualized independent software quality assurance and testing solutions based on project needs.

Big or small, iLAB is ready to provide quality assurance testing for projects at any stage. We understand the complexities and unpredictable nature of introducing new or upgraded software solutions and integrating them into your current environment. As a result, project-based QA testing lets customers access our knowledge and skills at any point in a project stage to ensure the solution addresses your business objectives and achieves performance requirements.

Our experts work with you to understand what needs to be tested and your expectations for the project. Once the project’s parameters have been set, we scope it, identify the technologies necessary to accomplish the task, and set timelines and milestones. Partnering with our experts, we can help shorten your time to market and reduce many of the costs that can be associated with deployment.

Project-Based Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Benefits of Our Project-Based Delivery Services

For the last two decades, iLAB has helped organizations across multiple industries meet the rapid demands of technology innovation with our project-based delivery services. Our approach to quality and proprietary testing methodology allows our team of experts to examine your software from all angles, giving you a solution that delivers under the toughest of circumstances.


360-Degree Diagnostic

iLAB’s approach to quality and proprietary testing methodology allows our team of experts to examine your software from all angles and at any stage of a project.


Real-Time Visibility

Track and view the status of your project in real-time while receiving detailed reporting that will not only identify issues early, but address methods in which the issue can be resolved.


Effectively Allocate Resources

Working with iLAB on your next project will allow you to allocate your quality assurance resources where and when you need them most, while not overpaying for under utilized assets.


Unmatched Quality

Our revolutionary iTEST© process will deliver your project to meet the highest of quality standards and satisfying the key business objectives we have identified for success.


Our Expertise in Action

The commonality between all the different solutions we offer is our commitment to pursuing quality. Like seafarers teased by a smudge of land on the horizon, if better circumstances or outcomes are to be had, we go after them. When risks present themselves, we eliminate them if possible, and if not, help clients learn to anticipate them and have a plan to react.

Quality doesn’t always mean perfection, but it does include a necessity for thoroughness and vision. View our case studies to learn more about our commitment to pursuing quality.

Solutions to Fit Any Testing Need

When your business’ future is on the line, trust iLAB to develop a tailored solution to deliver the results you need. Our project-based offerings are uniquely tailored to each client to help them make choices in their own way, according to their own goals.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.