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iLAB has deep experience providing independent SQA and testing services for multiple state agencies specializing in approving eligibility for benefits-related programs.

iLAB provides testing and SQA services for the state agency first partnering with them in 2014 for a six-month engagement to conduct SQA assessments on four of its major systems and on partner vendor processes. After that successful assessment, state agency retained iLAB for a multi-year managed service engagement.

The Requirement

iLAB provides SQA and testing services for numerous the state agency’s modernization projects. These projects include:

  • Eligibility Determination Services System provides Medicaid, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits to eligible Indiana residents.
  • Case Management for Social Services is an integrated case management system that supports delivery of timely, flexible, and cost-effective care management services.
  • Core Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) is the state Medicaid system that manages Medicaid claims. This interfaces directly with the Indiana Eligibility Determination Services System.
  • Enrollment and Credentialing (EnCred) for Medicaid Healthcare Providers for state agency Health Coverage Programs.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation for Division of Disability and rehabilitative services (DDRS).

  • Custom Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Case Management for the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services-Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services.

  • Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning manages the full life cycle of childcare providers from application to ongoing education, as well as providing residents vouchers for childcare and early childhood learning.

The Benefits

Over the last several years, the agency’s investment yields tangible and practical business benefits such as:

  • Test cycle cost reductions.
  • Greater test coverage.
  • Reduced test risks.
  • Quicker release cycles.
  • Increased feedback on the system’s overall quality.
  • Collaborative testing process leveraging domain knowledge in eligibility, SNAP, TANF, and Medicaid.

The Client successfully went live in April 2019. iLAB has been providing SQA services for Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and new change requests since go-live.


The client has a centralized management company that develops software internally and invests in and focuses on developing, operating, and managing hotels, resorts, and casinos. All the software is provided to meet the differing requirements of the various business units, including aspects such as different government agencies, versions of gaming equipment, multi-currencies, and multi-languages.

The Requirement

Business constraints and the lack of available environments resulted in insufficient testing and the inability to meet government regulations with punitive results. The client relied significantly on the business units to complete testing before deployment. The dependency on the business users and the lack of formal testware made it impossible for the client to get a true insight into the quality of their software before release.

The client required a comprehensive solution to ensure it meets government regulatory requirements. A centralized team of iLAB professionals hosted a test lab replicating multiple casino environments.

The Solution

The solution was designed and implemented through multiple phases culminating in a complete outsourced solution to create a quality gate between the management company, their vendors, and the business units (the casinos and the hotels).

Once the methodology and processes were agreed upon and tested in several project cycles, the following phases of the solution included:

  • A fully developed quality management methodology based on iLAB’s proven iTEST© methodology, customized for the client’s particular quality needs.
  • A consulting team delivering standardized quality management services.
  • A core resource pool of skilled software quality assurance professionals, enabling the scalability of the team based on project demands.
  • Standardized software tools supporting the methodologies and quality processes
  • Using the latest virtualization technologies, a hosted, managed testing infrastructure solution aligned to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) industry best practice.
  • A stringent infrastructure management approach ensures control of changes and testing environments.

Over time, the solution has expanded to include automated regression, performance, and security testing responsible for the end-to-end testing of the customer’s most complex integrated environments and systems. iLAB’s testing and hosting specialists report to a site manager dedicated to the customer who ensures that all elements of iLAB and the customer’s service offering and support elements are aligned to ensure independent quality testing. The ongoing service level management and improvement process has ensured ongoing maturity and improvement of quality assurance and the overall software development life cycle.


The Benefits

  • A fully dedicated multi-purpose scalable test environment. No further capital expenditure with an 82% saving on the costs of a comparable in-house testing laboratory.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation through an outsourcing partnership focused on service- level management and improvement.
  • Ability to run regression testing in parallel across multiple business units.
  • Accommodation of various instances, currency, and language versions of the software.
  • Centralization and efficiency resulted in a cost reduction of 50% in software testing.
  • 98% reduction of production issues following the releases.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.