Telecom: iLAB Understands the Telecommunication Industry is Essential to Daily Life


A subsidiary of the world’s second-largest Mobile Telecommunications company fully outsourced all software testing to iLAB in 2014. This subsidiary provides mobile communications services such as voice, messaging, data, and converged services to over 55 million customers.

The Requirement

This client releases updates to many systems on a frequent and regular basis to support an agile development environment. The systems include Web and Internet, CRM, Mobile, and Financial. The client required fully automated regression testing to support the manual functional testing teams. Customer goals include lowering the total cost of testing, increasing test coverage, supporting aggressive release schedules, and reducing the risk of regression defects in production.

The Solution

The iLAB TCoE solution comprised the implementation of test process and test management, governance, regression, frameworks, delivery test automation, and performance testing. Implementing automated regression testing required an extensive update to existing regression test cases, including test case configuration and test data requirements. As part of a comprehensive engagement, iLAB implemented its iTEST© framework. We developed the supporting test keywords and built an end-to-end automated regression solution to enable the test automation team to analyze and design appropriately.

The Benefits

The client now has a solution that allows them to execute automated regression testing regularly without impacting business resources, increasing quality, and significantly reducing risk and cost. The existing test automation tools have been utilized and integrated with an effective test strategy. Overall test costs have been reduced by using automated regression testing. A formal process was implemented, ensuring regression test cases were identified, analyzed, and automated.


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