Telecom: iLAB Understands the Transformation of Existing IT Systems


The telecom market in South Africa has much potential for growth in broadband internet access and mobile voice service offerings. One of the three prominent cellular telecommunications companies decided to grab this opportunity.

The client decided to deploy a new network to provide expanded mobile voice and data services. Their systems were becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain due to the extensive service-orientated architecture and the variety of technical specialist skills required for enhancements and maintenance.

The Requirement

The client initiated a project to transform the existing information technology (IT) systems to meet the business development requirements and address their issues. In addition, the client required iLAB to form part of a comprehensive software quality assurance initiative to help ensure project success.

Engaging in the project, iLAB and the client faced several challenges to address as part of the software quality assurance plan. These included:

  • Aggressive project timelines to ensure the realization of market opportunities.
  • Poor documentation quality and challenges around communication and the understanding of requirements.
  • Meager quality assurance standards and quality implementation by the vendor.
  • The complexity and risk of the “big bang” approach.
  • A shortage of development and test environments to cater to the different work streams.
  • Restricted availability of business users on the project.

iLAB Understands Telecom

iLAB provided the proven software quality assurance methodology, a skilled resource pool, and dedicated management and monitoring. iLAB prepared a detailed and comprehensive test strategy and plan for the project, defining detailed scope, clear roles and responsibilities, risks, and the risk management plan. The schedule was reviewed and updated daily to optimize business users’ availability.

iLAB supplemented the existing core team with twenty-eight additional resources, ensuring that all new resources were inducted and fully cross-trained in a few days. Applying iLAB’s iTEST© methodology, iLAB addressed and resolved documentation and communication gaps. In addition, we involved business, technical owners, and the vendor in practical workshops to align everyone regarding requirements, business rules, business processes, and business documentation.

When your reputation is on the line, partner with iLAB to implement quality software that both performs and impresses.