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Banks are no longer just banks; they are IT companies. Everything about banking and finance today is digital, including the way bills are paid, the monthly statements customers receive, even paying a friend for gas or a coffee.

Today, your organization’s reputation is based on the performance of an app or a website as much as the performance of your tellers and employees. Releasing a faulty software solution creates negative customer perception. A security breach causes clients to lose trust in your stewardship of their money.

Behind the scenes, your organization’s well-being and compliance is all in digital hands, too. As interest or exchange rates are modified in real-time, your pricing and commission structures must adjust. As federal governments update rules regarding fund transfers between banks, software must adapt. Failure within these systems could prevent your entire organization from carrying out daily business operations as required by both your own policies and the law.

Financial institutions face a lot of responsibility when it comes to convenience, security, and connectivity. Your software must meet a lot of different needs. They say it’s impossible to please everyone…but iLAB can help you try.



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