iLAB Internship
in association with MICT Seta

iLAB has had a successful relationship with MICT Seta for the last 8 years, we have designed and refined our program over the years to ensure our internship incorporates all new technologies and ensures our qualified students are ready for the ever-changing ICTM environment.

The Program

The iLAB Internship program is managed by the HR, Training and Technical Engineering divisions of iLAB and had a focus on formal training, work experience and ongoing domain and development experience.

For successful completion of this program, the intern will be evaluated by mentors, coaches and supervisors according to an evaluation system.

The Internship is designed to have the grading of formal training as well as the progress of practical experience and progress in soft skill development in mind. Each quarter the interns’ level of competency will be reported on both to SETA and to iLAB Management. Work product will be evaluated by mentors and coaches according to iLAB standards and expectations.

The internship provides “real world” exposure to the field of Software Quality Assurance Testing, strengthens their skills, and allows them to examine the “ins and outs” of a professional work environment with exposure to the industry.

Each quarter is divided into several scheduled training programs to specifically prepare and equip the interns for the next phase of training, skills and workplace readiness. Each quarter having its own training plan and work experience program to ensure we are upskilling the interns as best we can.


If you’re looking to join the fascinating world of QA our internship requires the following:

  • Math, Science, and English in Grade 12 pass rate of over 60%
  • Degree in ICT
  • No prior work experience in QA

Success Stories


Throughout the year, iLAB hosts many types of events to support the testing community. Be sure to explore the events we have listed here and feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

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