Our Process | iLab - Software Quality Assurance using iTEST


No two clients are the same.  The needs of every organization are vastly different, but each walk a road to the same goal: quality software solutions that will set them apart in today’s market. We have developed engagement models that reflect the complexities of each client and the various forms of technology they’re harnessing to make each software project a resounding success.


Our independent testing model allows our partners to engage with our quality assurance experts with confidence that we care about the client's outcomes. Independence means we lack any proprietary products, so the solutions we recommend are purely based on our advanced knowledge and expertise. You can depend on iLAB to work with your organization every day to further your business goals with excellent software.


iTEST® is iLAB’s internally developed test methodology. It is founded on core testing activities that are aligned to international best practices. iTEST® is sequenced accordingly to ensure optimal integration to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

iTEST® consists of documentation templates, testing processes, standards, guidelines, roles & responsibilities, and enabling and supporting the quality assurance function. It promotes uniformity of output and delivery within the team. All the documents within iTEST® are the property of iLAB and are marked with confidentiality notifications. Once a document from the methodology is used on a test project at a customer site (e.g. a test plan template is populated with project specific data) the populated document becomes the property of the customer.

Our implementation approach is underpinned by test management which brings visibility and traceability, allowing stakeholders to see the past, present and future activities of the team. Its structure enables clear, concise and meaningful metrics to be defined and monitored.

The iTEST® methodology is used as a framework for implementation at all iLAB-customer sites. The methodology does not contain customer-specific data or information, which facilitates its use across a number of industries and system types. iLAB test resources at our different customer sites are required to implement the iTEST® methodology in their day-to-day testing activities.