Practical Software Testing

iLAB’s Practical Software Testing Course


Course Overview

The Practical Software Testing course by iLAB provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of software testing. This course aims to equip candidates with a robust theoretical framework and practical implementation skills for various software testing techniques. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the testing process, its terminology, and how it fits into software development.


Key Learning Areas

  • Reviews: Learn to conduct reviews, a cost-effective and powerful technique often underestimated, and apply them for maximum effect.
  • Requirements Management: Master the process of identifying, prioritizing, and tracking testable requirements, enhancing test management planning, design, execution, and reporting.
  • Testing Techniques: Discover a variety of techniques to select and design effective tests, allowing testers to identify the most critical faults quickly.
  • Defect Management: Develop skills to effectively track defects and produce insightful management reports, including defect classification, analysis, and metrics.
  • Testing Types: Understand various verification and validation testing types, their appropriate usage, and implementation.
  • Additional Topics: Explore software development lifecycles, constructing test cases, test execution, and practical tips to improve testing effectiveness in the workplace.

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Internationally Accredited Software Quality Assurance Training


ISTQB Accredited

ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualification Board who decides the global standards for certifications and accreditations.


ASTQB Accredited

ASTQB is the American Software Testing Qualification Board.


SASTQB Accredited

SASTQB is the Southern African Software Testing Qualification Board.

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