Selenium for Testers, Fundamentals

iLAB’s Selenium for Testers – Fundamentals

Course Overview

The Selenium for Testers – Fundamentals course by iLAB provides essential concepts and practical skills for using Selenium WebDriver in test scripting and automation. This beginner-level course is designed to equip testers with the knowledge needed to write and execute Selenium WebDriver scripts effectively. Through hands-on sessions, participants will gain practical experience that complements the theoretical concepts covered.

Key Learning Areas

  • What is Selenium WebDriver?: Understand the basics of Selenium WebDriver and its role in test automation.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium WebDriver: Learn the benefits and limitations of using Selenium WebDriver in test automation projects.
  • Tools and First WebDriver Script: Get introduced to the tools required and write your first WebDriver script in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  • WebDriver Commands and Web Elements: Explore various WebDriver commands and how to interact with web elements.
  • Data-Driven Tests: Learn to create data-driven tests to enhance test coverage and flexibility.
  • Generate Reports, Screen Capture, and Log Files: Understand how to generate reports, capture screenshots, and create log files during test execution.
  • Integrating WebDriver with Maven: Learn to integrate Selenium WebDriver with Maven for better project management and dependency handling.
  • Project – End-to-End Testing: Apply the concepts learned by working on an end-to-end testing project.

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