Your constituents expect technology to be implemented that improves the quality of their lives and their interactions with public officials. Unlike other for-profit industries, quality is an expectation instead of a competitive advantage. You cannot win market share from a successful launch, but you can certainly lose big from an ineffective release of your software solution.

When software solutions, paid for with public funds, are expected to be deployed to improve the community, nothing less than success is tolerated. Without proper oversight, your software solution could face a highly publicized launch followed by significant issues with performance or functionality. Your 20-second coverage of the launch has now become a 15-minute feature story about your failure.

In the public sector, you are expected to provide solutions that meet the demands of the public and deliver effectively on a consistent basis. Are you properly vetting the vendors that your project’s success depends upon, and providing them with the specific requirements you need met?

Avoid the costly delays and expensive corrections associated with a faulty software solution and showcase effective use of public funds.

iLAB is your quality assurance partner that keeps you away from the poor headlines that can devastate political careers. When public funds are at stake, you need a partner that can properly vet your vendors and hold them accountable every step of the way.

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