iLAB stands out as the perfect choice when your agency seeks an infusion of quality to enhance its performance. With a proven track record of delivering quality assurance and testing services for government contracts and successful collaborations with Secretary of State offices, we bring the expertise and experience needed to take your agency’s performance to the next level.

iLAB and State Secretary of State Offices

iLAB is proud to possess expertise in handling complex and secure registration systems. With our extensive experience in collaborating with Secretary of State offices, we have successfully tackled the unique challenges associated with such systems. Our dedicated team understands the intricacies involved in managing sensitive data, ensuring the utmost security and privacy for registration processes. By employing robust testing methodologies and industry best practices, we have consistently delivered exceptional results, earning the trust and confidence of our clients. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, integrating functionalities, or enhancing system reliability, iLAB’s expertise in complex and secure registration systems sets us apart as a trusted partner for government agencies seeking to optimize their operations.

Let’s take a closer look at some examples that highlight our expertise in working with these esteemed offices.

Example 1: State A Secretary of State Office

In 2016, iLAB embarked on a journey with a Secretary of State agency, starting with the quality assurance of their software launch. Over the years, we have played a pivotal role in implementing various elements of the system, ensuring its seamless integration with partner agencies, and delivering outstanding results. Some of the accomplishments we achieved in collaboration with partner agencies include:

  • Attorney General – Unclaimed Property Division: We worked closely with this division to integrate their functionalities into the statewide system, enabling users to access and manage unclaimed properties efficiently.
  • Professional Licensing Agency – Notary Public and Remote Notary: Our expertise helped integrate the functionalities of notary public and remote notary into the statewide platform, streamlining the registration process for businesses.
  • Department of Workforce Development: We collaborated with the Department of Workforce Development to simplify the process of business registration through the statewide system, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
  • Department of Revenue: Our team assisted in integrating the registration process with the Department of Revenue, allowing businesses to fulfill their taxing obligations smoothly.
  • Municipalities: We facilitated the integration of permit-related functionalities from various municipalities into the statewide system, simplifying the process of obtaining permits for businesses.

In addition to these achievements, we successfully implemented UCC and UCC XML modules, as well as introduced Notary Public and Remote Notary functionalities with continuing education support. Our Quality Assurance teams played a critical role in ensuring that each project was executed flawlessly, allowing the statewide system to perform as intended.

Example 2: State B Department of State

iLAB partnered with the State B Department of State on their comprehensive modernization project. This statewide system serves as the central hub for administrative filings, providing essential legal documentation and certifications related to business records. Our experienced team meticulously conducted rigorous testing to guarantee the system’s optimal functionality and unwavering reliability. Some of the key aspects we focused on include:

  • Workflow Functionality Testing: Our experienced team meticulously tested the functionality of each sprint, ensuring that workflows within the software system operated flawlessly and delivered the intended results.
  • Comprehensive Test Case Development: We provided step-by-step test cases with pass/fail criteria based on approved requirements. These detailed test cases allowed for thorough testing of the system, ensuring its robustness and reliability.
  • Defect Logging and Reporting: Our team logged system defects with clear descriptions and screenshots, providing the development team with actionable insights to address any issues promptly.
  • Test Metrics Reporting: We provided weekly reports with comprehensive test metrics, offering a transparent overview of the testing progress and the system’s performance.

During our collaboration with the State B Department of State on their modernization project, iLAB played a vital role in transforming their statewide system into a robust and reliable platform. As the central location for administrative filings, this system ensures the formalization of legal standings and facilitates the supply of essential information and certifications pertaining to business filings and records. Our dedicated team conducted thorough testing, ensuring the seamless functionality and unwavering reliability of the system. By providing meticulous attention to detail, iLAB helped the State B Department of State achieve their goal of modernizing their operations and delivering efficient services to businesses and individuals alike.

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