Partnering with iLAB often sparks transformative journeys for organizations, thanks to our dedication to quality-first solutions and software testing excellence. In July 2021, Citizens Energy Group tapped into this potential, initiating a pivotal collaboration aimed at enhancing their Esri Enterprise system. This partnership transcended traditional goals, blending innovation with a commitment to excellence. From consulting to documentation, our focus was on laying a robust foundation for the Esri upgrade. As we navigated software upgrades and testing methodologies, quality remained our guiding principle. This blog delves into the early stages of our partnership, showcasing the strategies and tools that paved the way for deeper collaboration. Join us in exploring the transformative journey with Citizens Energy Group.

Setting the Stage: The Esri Enterprise Upgrade and Understanding Citizen’s Landscape

When iLAB began its collaboration with Citizens Energy Group, the Esri Enterprise upgrade project presented itself as a blend of challenges and immense potential. It wasn’t merely about introducing new tools or processes; it was imperative to delve deep into the intricate landscape of Citizen’s testing areas. By doing so, we aimed to craft a comprehensive roadmap that would guide the project to success.

To achieve this, we embarked on a thorough exploration of Citizen’s testing methodologies. This deep dive allowed us to pinpoint specific pain points and understand their expectations. By aligning these insights with the desired outcomes for the Esri Enterprise upgrade, we were better positioned to tailor our strategies and solutions, ensuring a seamless and effective upgrade journey for Citizens Energy Group.

Revolutionizing Project Management with JIRA and XRAY

In our pursuit of excellence and transparency, iLAB introduced Citizens Energy Group to Jira with Xray. This wasn’t just a tool for organization; it was a game-changer in how Citizen approached test cases and project processes. With Jira’s robust capabilities, every aspect of the project was meticulously organized and tracked. Complementing this, the JIRA dashboards provided a real-time visual representation of the project’s status. These dashboards weren’t just about monitoring; they empowered the team with adaptability, allowing for swift strategy adjustments based on real-time insights, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to project management.

Leading the Charge in User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Following our initial engagement’s success, Citizens Energy Group entrusted iLAB with the pivotal role of leading the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) efforts. Recognizing the importance of empowerment, our focus extended beyond mere testing. We embarked on a comprehensive training program tailored for Citizen’s internal test team, ensuring they were well-equipped to use the testing tools effectively. But our role didn’t stop at training. As trusted advisors, we worked closely with Citizen’s team, providing expert guidance on product utilization. Our collaborative approach ensured that every test was rooted in accuracy, and every result aligned perfectly with Citizen’s objectives.

Navigating Challenges and Innovating Solutions

During our journey with Citizens Energy Group, we encountered challenges that demanded innovative solutions. A significant hurdle was the discovery that Citizen’s custom gas compliance apps weren’t compatible with the Esri Enterprise Upgrade. Instead of viewing this as a setback, we saw it as an opportunity for growth and innovation. After thorough analysis and understanding of Citizen’s needs, the decision was made to transition to Esri Field Maps. This strategic move promised a platform that would not only address the immediate compatibility issues but also ensure that Citizen’s field operations were streamlined, efficient, and transparent.

Implementing Esri Field Maps

Our unwavering commitment and the tangible results we delivered in the previous phases positioned iLAB perfectly for the next challenge: the implementation of Esri Field Maps. Recognizing the importance of structured documentation, we set up Jira with Xray tailored for this new project. Collaborating closely with Citizen’s team, we played an instrumental role in both developing and documenting the project’s QA requirements. Our expertise was further leveraged in conducting System Integration Testing (SIT), ensuring seamless integration of Esri Field Maps with Citizen’s existing systems. Beyond testing, we took on the mantle of educators, training Citizen’s users for UAT and equipping their technicians with the skills to use the new applications effectively. To provide a holistic view of the integrated system, we designed a comprehensive system architecture diagram, visually representing the synergy of the new tools and processes.

Continued Partnership

Our partnership with Citizens Energy Group began with a focus on documentation and consultation, but as trust and collaboration deepened, it blossomed into a hands-on, transformative engagement. From laying the groundwork for the Esri Enterprise upgrade to leading the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) efforts, our journey showcased the evolution of a project that started with understanding and planning and grew into active implementation and innovation. Yet, this is only a chapter in our ongoing story. The next phase promises even more excitement as we delve into the automation of smoke testing using UFT One. Curious about how we tackled this challenge? Click to read more and continue this journey with us.