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3 Benefits of Software Testing Automation

Software test automation has been around for a few decades, but is still often misunderstood, or implemented in a way that leads to frustration due to unrealistic expectations of its outcomes.  When approached correctly, test automation methods and their associated tools offer some very clear benefits that can complement just about any development environment and IT project portfolio.


  1. Consistency and Repeatability

Regression test automation, by design, executes and verifies existing software functionality in exactly the same way, every time it’s run.  An automation tool does not tire, become stressed, or accidentally skip steps in a test case.  If your goal is to ensure that previously tested features of the system are still intact and working as they did before after system changes or upgrades are made, there’s no better approach than to verify via regression test automation.

  1. Efficient Test Coverage of Wide Data Combinations

Typically, software systems need to be tested and verified across wide ranges and combinations of input data.  There may be underlying business rules that produce different system results based on a user’s age, the calendar date, the purchase amount, the user’s geographic location, their credit score, etc, etc. Covering all valid ranges and combinations of input data conditions is often too time consuming and difficult to track and manage with a traditional manual testing approach.  Introducing automated testing tools to efficiently iterate through these large data sets brings immediate and valuable benefits.

  1. Increased Team Capacity to Focus on Delivering New Project Tasks

When implemented correctly, a solid test automation suite frees up valuable testing team capacity that would have previously been consumed by repeated regression testing tasks within the overall project plan. This available capacity can be immediately reallocated to focus on other testing tasks within the existing project, or dedicated to new project efforts elsewhere.

Automation of testing isn’t something you have to figure out on your own. You’ve already got enough to deal with. If you want a partner on the road to success, iLAB would be happy to join you on your journey to quality software. Contact us today for more details about software testing automation. We’re here for you.